Verizon Phone and PDA's: Frequently Asked Questions

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Purchasing a new phone and selecting all the options can bring up a lot of questions. 3Gstore has the answers to the most common questions and concerns customers encounter in the selection and sign-up process.

Q: Can you help me pick a phone?
Answer: Absolutely! 3Gstore is very knowledgeable about Verizon's available wireless devices and the various options they offer. The first step is to identify your needs: things like if you want a QWERTY keyboard, want to use an antenna, plan to use the phone as a modem, or want to use your phone as a music player.

We suggest that you peruse our list of available phones and PDAs so that we will be better able to make suggestions to you. You can email us at and we will reply promptly with answers to your questions and appropriate recommendations.

Q: Aside from the cost of the phone, are there any other fees involved?
Answer: In addition to the cost of the device and the monthly charges, there is a $35 activation fee for NEW lines of service that will appear on your first monthly bill, and if you cancel your service before your contract has expired you will incur a cancelation fee of up to $175 (depending on how far into the contract you are). Additionally, if you have poor or no credit you may be required to pay a (refundable) deposit to set up your account. If your billing address is in California or Illinois, you may also be charged state sales tax. All phones are shipped via FedEx and you will have the option of ground, 2nd day, or overnight service when you place your order.

Q: I'm switching to Verizon from another carrier. Can I keep my phone number?
Answer: In most cases, yes. When you place your order, simply let us know that you would like to keep your existing number and we will verify that you are eligible to port in your number with a new carrier. When you receive your new Verizon phone, you will call us with the account information for your existing phone (AT&T, Sprint, etc) and we will "port" in the number and activate your new phone. You are responsible for then calling your previous carrier to cancel the old service.

Q: I'm already in a 2-year contract with Verizon. Am I eligible for an upgrade?
Answer: If you are the PRIMARY line on your account, as long as you have been in your contract for more than one year you are eligible for upgrade discounts:

If you are 13-21 months into your contract on a phone and you are the PRIMARY line, the cost of the device itself will increase by $75. SECONDARY lines are not eligible for 1-year upgrades.

If you are 22+ months into your contract on a phone/PDA and you are the PRIMARY line on the account, you are eligible for the same prices that new 2-year contracts receive as long as your monthly plan is $50+. If you have a monthly plan under $50, your device price will be $50 more than the discounted price.

If you are a SECONDARY line on a family plan and you're eligible for your New Every Two, the cost of your upgraded phone will be $50 more than what it would be on a primary line.

Q: Why do I have to give you my personal information (social security number, etc)?
Answer: All carriers require this information so that they can run a credit check before signing anyone up with a contracted service. This information is 100% secure with 3Gstore and will never be used for any purpose other than the credit check. Please note that omitting information can delay the processing of your order.

If you are setting up a business account you do NOT need to enter your personal information. If you are upgrading an existing line, you do not need to give your full social security number, just the last 4 digits.

3Gstore values your privacy and ensures that your private information is never shared with anyone but Verizon's credit system. Our sites utilize advanced security validation (EV SSL) and this is just one of the many advantages to shopping at!

Q: How long will it take to get my phone?
Answer: If you place your order by 3pm CST and the item is in stock, it will ship the same day, otherwise it will ship the next business day. All orders are shipped via FedEx and you have the option of selecting ground, 2nd day, or overnight service when you place your order.

Please note that if there are credit or payment problems, your shipment may be delayed.

Q: How do I know if there is coverage in my area?
Answer: Before placing an order, make sure you check the coverage in your area with the Verizon coverage map. If you plan to use your phone as a modem or add a data service, adjust the map to make sure these services are available in your area as well.

Q: What is What is VCast?
Answer: VCast is Verizon's portal to multimedia such as music and video streams, games and downloads. It also provides access to Mobile Web 2.0, through which you can access email and surf the web. Please note that not all phones are compatible with VCast, and PDAs cannot use the service (you will have a separate data plan for PDAs). The cost is $15 per month and the first month is free.

Q: Is there a phone I can use in Europe?
Answer: Yes. With the Blackberry 8830 World Edition, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Tour, Samsung Saga, HTC Ozone, or Samsung Renown, you can roam in Europe and Asia where GSM dominates using the GSM SIM card with Verizon's Global Service plan. Extra charges will apply.

Q: What time do Night and Weekend minutes start?
Answer: Night minutes begin at 9:01pm and end at 5:59am. Weekend minutes begin at 9:01pm on Friday night and end Monday morning at 5:59.

Q: If I'm upgrading or keeping my current number, will I still be able to use my existing phone while I wait for the new one to arrive?
Answer: Yes. We will ship your new phone unactivated, and once you receive it you will have to give us a call and we will switch your service onto the new device. Your old phone will then be inactive.

Q: Who do I call if I need to change my plan or add features (such as the tethering option)?
Answer: Simply call 3Gstore and we will assist you with these changes.

Q: How does the Verizon deposit work?
Answer: If Verizon requests a deposit to set up your account, 3Gstore will contact you before moving forward. Once you approve the deposit, the credit card you provided at the time of your order will be charged the full Verizon deposit amount. After one year of active service, you will receive your full deposit back in form of credit to your Verizon Account.

Q: Is there a "Free Trial Period"?
Answer: Verizon provides a 30 day trial phones and service, but it is not "free". Verizon offers a 30-day trial period during which you can cancel your service without incurring the termination fee. You will be responsible for paying for the time the service was active and you are required to return the device to 3Gstore. If you do not return the device, you will be responsible for paying the full retail price of the phone or PDA.

Q: Is there an "Early Termination Fee"?
Answer: Verizon provides a 30 day trial during which you can cancel without incurring an ETF. After the first 30 days, you will be subject to an ETF of $175 minus $5 for each month of the contract you have completed. Please note that if you cancel before 181 days have passed (approximately 6 months), you are required to return your device to 3Gstore upon cancelation. If you fail to return the device, you will be charged the full retail price.

Q: Does 3Gstore have a refund policy?
Answer: All 'order options' invoiced by such as antennas, routers, amplifiers and repeaters will fall under our 14 day return policy.

Q: What will I be charged for today?
Answer: You will be charged for the pre-rebate price of the device as well as any other items you add to your order, and shipping charges (see this page for more shipping information).

If you purchase an antenna, router, or amplifier, you will automatically receive a discount at checkout!

Q: How do I get my rebate?
Answer: All rebate forms and information will be included in the box when you receive your order, and you can also download the forms here. It is your responsibility to submit the appropriate rebate forms and information to Verizon.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available via Email, Live Chat and by phone at 866-3GSTORE - (866-347-8673)

3Gstore has cultivated an excellent reputation as a leading information resource and has become the go-to source for all your mobile broadband and now 3G phone needs. We are an authorized Verizon dealer and are extremely well-versed in Verizon's entire product line, from data devices to cell phones! Our customer service staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to provide suggestions and find solutions for a huge variety of customer needs. After you receive your products, our tech support is here for you and provides unrivaled support, helping you get set up, troubleshooting, and answering questions. Whether you contact us by email, phone, or even pose a question in the Forums, you can expect a prompt reply from 3Gstore!

You can read more about the myriad reasons to shop with 3Gstore here!

Without a doubt, the most important reason to deal with 3Gstore is that our expertise provides our customers with the best possible support.


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