2008 MacBook Pro USB Ports Make Using a Y Adapter Possible

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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

When using a USB EVDO modem, many people choose to employ a Y-adapter to power the device via two ports rather than just one. Until recently, MacBook users were unable to take advantage of this option, due to the design of the computer - Apple put only one USB port on each side of the computer, rather than two right next to each other.

The new 2008 MacBooks have remedied this problem! They now feature two ports right next to each other, on the left side of the laptop:

compass in macbook pro
Sierra Compass 597 with USB Y adapter
There is one big problem with the placement of these ports, though. Since they are so close together, if you DON'T use an adapter the USB device will actually block its neighbor port - and there are no additional ports on the other side of the computer.
compass blocking other port
Sierra Compass 597 plugged directly into port


As you can see, plugging the modem into just one of the ports means you won't be able to access the other one. If you want to keep one open, you'll have to use an adapter cable. A Y adapter is the best option, since it not only frees up the other port but also provides additional power. The Novatel U727 actually comes packaged with a Y adapter, while the Sierra Compass 597 comes with a flexible adapter that you can use. It is not a dual USB adapter - it plugs into just one port - but still provides the benefit of getting it out of the way of the other port.

Of course, there are other ways to improve your signal besides plugging your USB modem into two ports, such as antennas, and, if that doesn't produce the desired results, an amplifier. To determine whether an antenna or amplifier will help you, you must check your RSSI (received signal strength indicator), which you can do at Once your RSSI measurement is known, can help you find the right antenna for you!

If you need to purchase a Y adapter, antenna, or amplifier for your aircard, you can purchase one at .

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 October 2008 )
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