SignalBoost Mobile Professional EVDO / HSPA Wireless Amplifier Review

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Friday, 24 October 2008

Mobile BroadBand Made Easy: Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional EVDO / HSPA Wireless Amplifier Review

Say GoodBye To Dropped Calls And Weak Cell Phone or Data Card Signal


UPDATE: 10/06/09 -- check out the SignalBoost Mobile Pro video at bottom of review

For the traveling executive empowered with an Apple iPhone or RIM BlackBerry, areas with weak cell phone signal can really be frustrating. At least with other popular handsets like the Verizon LG Dare, there are supported adapter cables that allow a user to attach a "booster antenna" and improve RSSI signal strength enough to ensure better quality cell phone calls with fewer dropped connections. now sells a great solution for those with an iPhone or Blackberry, and any other cellular device that has no option for an externally attached antenna: the Wilson Electronics 801241 SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless Amplifier

Wilson SignalBoost MP available at
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The "SignalBoost MP" as we like to call it, is a very portable cellular wireless amplifier (aka: repeater) that will increase cellular signal strength without having to make a physical connection to your phone or data card/USB modem. Wilson Electronics Part Number 801241 comes as a complete kit with everything a user needs to enjoy improved signal/speeds and extended range while driving down the road, or staying in a hotel or remote office. Here is a picture of the package contents:

Wilson SignalBoost MP available at
SignalBoost MP comes with amplifier, AC & DC adapters, USB cable,
dash & suction mounts, pouch and 12" magnetic mount external antenna.
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The Wilson SignalBoost MP is "Made in the USA" and works with all cell phones and PDA's from all carriers whose equipment operate on either the lower 850Mhz band or the higher 1900Mhz band (except Nextel/iDEN PTT handsets). It also works great with "3G" HSPA and EVDO capable handsets, data cards, and even USB modems like these sold and supported by

The patented amplifier technology used in the SignalBoost MP protects carrier networks from signal overload and provides one or more end users with three times the power of a typical cell phone -- thus increasing signal range for voice calls, and throughput of all data connections. Similar products on the market are known to only improve performance coming from the tower, but not back to the tower. For a voice call, sending information back to the tower is not that critical, but for those who use their phones (or data cards / USB modems) for data connections, improving upload speed is likely to be as important as improving downloads. Aside from improvements on data throughput performance, the SignalBoost MP also significantly reduces dropped calls and lost data connections, providing more reliability and less frustration.

Here are some photos depicting a typical installation into a vehicle:

magmount on roof

cable under door seal

stick on dash mount

DC adapter plug

amplifier mounted

full signal achieved!
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These photos show AC adapter and suction/window mount that allow for indoor use of SignalBoost MP:

AC adapter

suction/window mount
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Once properly installed in either a vehicle or indoors, the SignalBoost MP amplifier displays a green light and will provide wireless signal amplification to devices operating in close proximity: within a radius of about one to four feet depending on quality of signal being received at exterior antenna. Devices operating closest to the actual amplifier will see the most gain, and it is recommended that all data devices wanting maximum speeds, be placed within inches of the amplifier itself.

For installations where a maximum distance can exist between exterior antenna and interior amplifier, there is an RF/antenna jack on back of the amplifier that allows a user to attach an adapter cable and high gain indoor antenna, like 3Gstore's booster antenna. With this option in play, the amplified signal range indoors should increase to as much as ten feet from the amplifier. Here are photos of the adapter cable attached to RF/antenna jack, and our booster antenna alongside the amplifier.

antenna adapter cable
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Unlike earlier model Wilson Electronics amplifiers that used "FME" connectors, the SignalBoost MP uses an "SMA" connector to attach the cable from external antenna. Customers who might want to use the SignalBoost MP with Wilson Electronics antennas that they already own, will need adapter 971119 to connect their antenna. The photos below will help to illustrate:

FME (l) - SMA (r)


cable adapter
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In conclusion, 3Gstore feels that the new SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless Amplifier is best suited for the traveling executive who does not have the option of permanently mounting an amplifier in their vehicle. A perfect example would be regional salespeople who often drive rental cars to visit customers in very rural, out of the way areas.

For those with the option to permanently install their equipment, the Wilson Electronics 801201 In-Vehicle Wireless Amplifier is a more powerful option.

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