SignalBoost Mobile EVDO / HSPA Wireless Amplifier Reviewed

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Friday, 24 October 2008

Mobile BroadBand Made Easy: Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional EVDO / HSPA Wireless Amplifier Reviewed

Say GoodBye To Dropped Calls And Weak Cell Phone or Data Card Signal

For the traveling executive empowered with an Apple iPhone or RIM BlackBerry, areas with weak cell phone signal can really be frustrating. At least with other popular handsets like the Verizon LG Dare, there are supported adapter cables that allow a user to attach a "booster antenna" and improve RSSI signal strength enough to ensure better quality cell phone calls with fewer dropped connections. now sells a great solution for those with an iPhone or Blackberry, and any other cellular device that has no option for an externally attached antenna: the Wilson Electronics 801241 SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless Amplifier

The "SignalBoost MP" as we like to call it, is a very portable cellular wireless amplifier (aka: repeater) that will increase cellular signal strength without having to make a physical connection to your phone or data card/USB modem. Wilson Electronics Part Number 801241 comes as a complete kit with everything a user needs to enjoy improved signal/speeds and extended range while driving down the road, or staying in a hotel or remote office. Here is a picture of the package contents:

Wilson SignalBoost MP available at
SignalBoost MP comes with amplifier, AC & DC adapters, USB cable,
dash & suction mounts, pouch and 12" magnetic mount external antenna.

Read much more about the SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless Amplifier in our full review!

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