Sprint EVDO Overage Charges Start 11/02/08

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Monday, 27 October 2008

Sprint Will Begin Overage Charges On EVDO Data Service Beginning 11/02/08


Sprint Overage Charges Begin 11/02/08


The rumors of new overage charges for Sprint EVDO Data service are true -- Effective Sunday, 11/02/08 all NEW accounts will be subject to $0.05/MB overage charges on all data beyond the first 5GB per billing month for the $59.99/mo plan (business customers on the $39.99/mo plan will see overage charges after they reach their 500MB allowance).

Lines of service established prior to 11/02/08 are NOT subject to the new overage charges, but are still subject to Sprint's 5GB clause in their terms of service. If you are on an old Sprint plan that is not subject to overage charges, remember that the only way to keep that plan is to never change your contract. If you need to upgrade to a new device for any reason but want to keep your old plan, you will need to purchase a device without service and then do an ESN swap. If you do a true upgrade where you extend your contract by an additional 2 years in order to receive a discount on a new modem, you will automatically be placed under the new terms of service that includes these overage charges!!! 3Gstore sells both new and refurbished no-contract devices for customers needing a new device but not wanting to alter their contract.

4G customers: For customers subscribed to Sprint's 3G/4G service, the 4G service is unlimited, but 3G service is still limited to 5GB with $0.05/MB overage charges thereafter.

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