"3GStore Re-Certified" EX720 Rev-A EVDO ExpressCard Now Available

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Monday, 17 November 2008

"3GStore Re-Certified" EX720 Rev-A EVDO ExpressCard Now Available

Refurb EX720 for $129.99 at 3GStore now has available a "Re-Certified" Sprint Novatel EX720 for immediate purchase. These expresscards were used by a customer and returned to Sprint during a 30-day trial period for one reason or another and are in excellent physical condition!

If you have been wanting to upgrade to EVDO Rev-A but have held off because you don't want to pay full retail for a new device or to extend your Sprint contract for another two years, then this new offering from 3Gstore is exactly the solution you have been looking for!

The Novatel EX720 was the first Rev-A expresscard Sprint started selling back in January 2007 and continues to be a very popular item. The EX720 is perfect for those folks who had a PCMCIA card like a PX500 or S720 and then replaced their laptop with one that no longer has the right kind of card slot (like an Apple MacBook Pro). The EX720 is also a great upgrade for someone who is still using a slower Rev-0 device like a PC5740 or S620 PC card or a CDU550 USB modem, and wants to upgrade to a faster EVDO Rev-A device for significantly faster speeds and lower connection latency (when used in actual Rev-A coverage areas).

The EX720 expresscard works great with the Cradlepoint CTR500 and MBR1000 Routers and is the best option for use with Apple's MacBook Pro.

3GStore's re-certification process ensures that the EX720 has the latest firmware and has a fully functional antenna jack. More importantly, 3Gstore has also checked each EX720's ESN to ensure that it is clear of all overdue charges, and is ready to be added as a new line or a replacement device to any Sprint account. (these devices cannot be used on any other carrier aside from Sprint USA network)

The EX720 is immediately available without contract/service for just $129.99 -- much less than full retail price of $329.99 from Sprint.

Of course, you can also get the re-certified EX720 with a new service contract for FREE!

Call 1-866-3GStore if you have any questions, or to place your order today! 

Please note, when you call Sprint to do an ESN Swap, you will need to have a Windows XP or Vista computer (Mac Users can use BootCamp or Fusion) along with the latest Sprint Connection Manager


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 November 2008 )
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