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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

CradlePoint CTR500/MBR1000 1.4 Firmware adds Alltel UM175/EC228, and AT&T 885U Mercury support

Cradlepoint CTR500 & MBR1000 Routers

CradlePoint has released Firmware Version 1.4 that provides official support for Alltel's UM175 & EC228 as well as AT&T's Sierra Compass 885 Mercury USB modems.

Other new features added in this release:

  • Ability to customize the page a user first sees when they try to access the internet through the router (aka 'Bounce Page). This feature allows network admins to provide company specific help text, and also allows for private branding for commerials/advertising. Default HTML is provided as an example. Cradlepoint support will not provide assistance with any HTML for this feater.
  • GPS data is now available in both NMEA and KML format. Socket requests will respond with NMEA info as before, and HTTP requests will be responded to with KML formatted text. In addition, multiple requests for GPS information are now handled.
  • Certain models of Sierra Wireless GSM modems can now be forced to a particular band
  • Sprint Compass 597 USB modems can now be activated as well as get PRL updates.

Additional UI/usability changes:

  • A new "Modem" tab has been added between Advanced and Tools tabs. The Modem tab contains info about the modem, modem settings, GPS info, and the ability to updated modems that can be updated within router.
  • Menu items/options within each main tab are now alphabetized (except for Basic - Wizard)

Defects/Bugs fixed:

  • World of Warcraft connections lost while using Alltel UM150
  • PPoE authentication with MBR1000
  • Load balancing with multiple Novatel modems
  • Multiple VPN connections while load balancing
  • Frequent disconnects while using DSL modems
  • drop/reestablish connections frequently

For those ordering the CTR500 or MBR1000 from, starting 11/26/2008, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware. Also, Order your MBR1000 or CTR500 with 1.4 Already installed.

For known issues and much more information, check out the official Full Firmware 1.4 Release Notes (PDF).

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