Cradlepoint Officially Endorses MP3450i 3G Router Battery Pack

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Cradlepoint Endorses the MP3450i Battery Pack


cradlepoint and mp3450i


This week 3Gstore began selling the Tekkeon MP3450i, a powerful battery pack for use with 3G routers. We'd been searching for months for a commercial battery pack that was easy to use, was able to provide significant runtime to the device, and was compatible with the routers we sell - in particular, the Cradlepoint models. The MP3450i fit or surpassed ALL of our qualifications - under normal cellular signal conditions the 3450i will power a CTR350, PHS300 or CTR500 for as long as SIXTEEN HOURS, and will power an MBR1000 or KR2 for as long as TWELVE HOURS - and we are thrilled to announce that Cradlepoint Technologies has officially endorsed the MP3450i as accepted for use with their products and will continue to honor warranties when used with this battery pack. Cradlepoint's official statement is as follows:

"CradlePoint will officially accept use of the Tekkeon MP3450i with our products and will continue to honor our warranty. This offer only applies to the MP3450i and will only be honored if used in the configurations shown in the following article. Please reference the correct model number in all documentation as no other battery is accepted or honored with the CradlePoint warranty."

The MP3450i is the ONLY battery accepted for use with Cradlepoint routers and currently 3Gstore is the retailer in the USA to sell it. We are thrilled to have finally found a battery pack that will allow 3G router users to be truly mobile regardless of the situation (our apologies to the electric companies!) and now Cradlepoint users can use it without fear of voiding their warranty!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 September 2009 )
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