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Monday, 02 February 2009 Provides Easier EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool

Potential Verizon and Sprint Mobile BroadBand customers tell us each day that they *think* they are in EVDO coverage but netiher carrier's coverage map helps them to confirm what they believe.

Most of the time the reason is that they are looking at voice coverage that a carrier's map will show by default, instead of data coverage they want to see.'s new EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool helps make it easier for people to see what high speed EVDO coverage from Verizon or Sprint looks like over their area using their zipcode. Tabs at the top of the page allow a user to switch views quickly.

We should note that behind the scenes, we aren't really mapping coverage ourselves... just providing a different way for people to use the carrier's existing coverage maps to view DATA coverage.

This new "web tool" also makes it easy for users to switch back and forth between Verizon and Sprint EVDO coverage maps using "tabs" to compare available high speed data coverage.

For those of you who often find yourself sending friends and family to coverage maps, we've also provided you an easy way to do that with this new tool. To send a link with a specific zipcode already preloading, use this URL syntax:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

If you want to showcase Verizon coverage at a zipcode, send this:

To showcase Sprint coverage, you can send this instead:

and of course, if you want to make them work for it, just send:

We hope you all find this new "EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool" useful, we know the 3Gstore staff will certainly be taking advantage of it!

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