Industrial-Grade External Universal Battery Ideal for Portable Equipment and Instruments

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Monday, 09 February 2009

Industrial-Grade External Universal Battery  
Ideal for Portable Equipment and Instruments


Tekkeon myPower MP3450i

Tustin, CA⎯February 10, 2009 ⎯ Tekkeon is pleased to announce the release of its industrial-grade, high temperature version of the popular myPower ALL plus lithium polymer battery.  For use as portable power with portable instruments and equipment, or as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for battery backup, Tekkeon’s new myPower™ ALL Plus MP3450i universal battery provides instant power for devices that require between 5V and 19V.  The voltage on this new battery is fixed for the connected equipment, or can be quickly changed to meet the power needs of a wide range of devices.

A versatile power solution for power-hungry portable devices, like mobile routers and mobile photography equipment, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i will significantly extend the life of a range of instruments or equipment batteries.  In fact, it has already found a niche with mobile routers, such as the 3G routers manufactured by CradlePoint (, in which the battery provides users up to 12 hours of runtime when no power outlet available.  When used as a UPS, the MP3450i battery will provide the back-up power needed to avoid any equipment down time.

“As a response to overwhelming user requests for an industrial-grade battery that can be dedicated to power portable equipment and instruments, we developed this version of myPower ALL to be used with portable devices like mobile routers, and instruments that are used in the field,” says Jerry Yang, president of Tekkeon, Inc.  “The uses for MP3450i are countless as the output voltage suits most portable equipment and instruments, and we offer a large variety of tips to fit various devices.” 

Like its predecessors, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i is lightweight and uses visual indicators to identify the exact power level.  In addition, this version includes 16 preset voltages and an on/off switch that preserves power when the battery is not in use.

An optional extended battery, model MP3450-10, can be added to myPower ALL Plus to further extend the additional battery hours.  Mounting brackets are included with this optional battery to combine the batteries into a single stacked unit.

The MSRP for myPower ALL Plus model MP3450i is $199.95, and $99.95 for the extended battery (MP3450-10).  Both products are currently available at the Tekkeon Store at and at

myPower ALL Plus comes with a one-year limited warranty.
To ensure compatibility with most equipment and instruments, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i comes with five adapter tips that work with the most-widely used DC jacks.  Additional adapter tips are available at the Tekkeon Store.  

About Tekkeon, Inc.
Tekkeon designs and manufactures innovative accessories that enable its customers to take full advantage of today's high tech world. The company’s flagship portable universal batteries significantly extend the operation of numerous products, from everyday devices like laptops, mobile entertainment, and mobile phones to professional equipment for photographers and outdoor adventure.  The company’s design expertise extends to products like NavDock™ Home Media Center for iPod and iPhone, which navigates the popular devices through an on-TV menu to play videos, photos and music on a connected television.

Tekkeon, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Tustin, California, and ISO-certified factories in China and Taiwan. 

myPower and NavDock are trademarks of Tekkeon, Inc.

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