Sierra Wireless Announces MC8700 embedded HSPA+ Module

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Sierra Wireless quick to support OEM customers with HSPA+ embedded module

Sierra Wireless expands HSPA+ product offering with the MC8700 embedded module

BARCELONA, Feb. 16 /CNW/ - Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today introduced the MC8700 module, the company's first embedded module for HSPA+ networks. The Sierra Wireless MC8700 module is designed specifically to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a superior go-to-market solution that takes advantage of the fastest mobile broadband data speed available worldwide.

The MC8700 is a PCI Express MiniCard designed for OEMs integrating mobile broadband capabilities into devices for vertical market applications, including fixed wireless terminals and portable handheld devices. The MC8700 offers downlink speeds of up to 21 megabits per second (Mbps) and uplink speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps. The improved data speeds available with HSPA+ enable OEM customers to expand their industrial and enterprise product development into applications requiring higher bandwidth, such as video monitoring.

Sierra Wireless MC8700 embedded module for HSPA+ networks

  • Fastest mobile broadband data speeds available, with peak downlink at 21 Mbps and peak uplink at 5.76 Mbps.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) support is offered with a comprehensive hardware, software and services portfolio to simplify integration and applications development with Sierra Wireless embedded modules. Windows CE and Linux SDK support available.
  • Familiar PCI Express MiniCard form factor allows for simple product upgrades from previous models.
  • Quad-band HSPA/UMTS and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM network access for roaming on high-speed networks worldwide.

Sierra Wireless EMPOWERED(TM)

Sierra Wireless 3G embedded modules are powerful, cost effective solutions that easily integrate into laptops, portable devices and fixed wireless terminals, offering complete wireless data solutions over mobile broadband networks. Sierra Wireless EMPOWERED(TM) devices deliver the same reliable, high-quality mobile broadband connectivity customers have come to expect from Sierra Wireless, embedded and optimized within the host device to offer the best possible performance.

MC8700 Specifications

Sierra Wireless PCI Express Mini Card modules include a common comprehensive WHQL-certified USB software driver architecture that provides superior power management, a dedicated diagnostic channel and the ability to enable or disable NDIS, which provides flexibility to OEM customers when designing their wireless product. To simplify and expedite product development cycles, Sierra Wireless also provides system integrators and OEM customers comprehensive software development kits (SDK) or Sierra Wireless' own Watcher software for easy connection management. Each module measures 51 x 30 x 4.5 mm and weighs in at less than 12 g.


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