3Gstore a Proud Platinum Cradlepoint Partner

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

3Gstore is a Proud Cradlepoint Platinum Partner

cradlepoint platinum partner

When we are deciding which routers to sell and support at 3Gstore, we take many issues into account. Routers must pass a battery of vigorous tests where we ask ourselves questions like: Will it work with multiple carriers? How many different types of devices are supported? How often does the manufacturer update the firmware to fix bugs and add support for newer devices? Is it affordable? Is it well-built? Does it offer a robust array of admin features? Are there security options? Will the manufacturer be responsive to our suggestions and questions? How will the manufacturer treat our customers?

Cradlepoint's products stand out from all of the routers we've ever tested, and a huge part of why we love them is the excellent support they provide to us and our customers. We've had a wide variety of experiences with manufacturers, which are documented in our EVDO Router Report Card, and Cradlepoint is far and away the best manufacturer we deal with.

Through Feburary of 2009, 3Gstore has sold over 12,000 Cradlepoint routers (and counting!), making us the largest online retailer of Cradlepoint products by volume. As one of Cradlepoint's Platinum Partners, we have forged a very special partnership with Cradlepoint technologies that allows us to work closely with their engineers as they update existing products and develop new ones. 3Gstore communicates with Cradlepoint senior staff daily about everything from features we'd like to see to advanced technical troubleshooting and future product ideas. Our unique relationship with Cradlepoint means we are able to offer one-of-a-kind support to you AND provide feedback to Cradlepoint based on the needs and desires of mutually valued customers! Our status as a Platinum Partner is just one of many in a long list of characteristics that sets 3Gstore apart from other retailers.


cradlepoint mbr1000, phs300, ctr500, ctr350
The Cradlepoint Tower of Power!
Bottom: MBR1000 . Top (from left): PHS300 , CTR350 , CTR50


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