Cradlepoint Announces New MBR1100 -- 3G/4G/EVDO/HSPA VPN Router

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Tuesday, 03 March 2009

Cradlepoint Announces New MBR1100 -- 3G/4G/EVDO/HSPA VPN Cellular Router

Cradlepoint MBR1100 3G/4G VPN Router
New MBR1100 Mobile Broadband Router Supports 3G, 4G Networks and VPN

Boise, Idaho – CradlePoint Technology today added to its broad lineup of Mobile Broadband Router products with the introduction of the MBR1100 Mobile Broadband Router.   The MBR1100 includes two key capabilities: support for 4G network devices and built-in, secure VPN termination.

CradlePoint, the global leader in 3G/4G network solutions, develops products for businesses and consumers to take advantage of growing cellular networks in supporting primary connections, redundant or failover solutions and secure VPN sessions. “The MBR1100 fits well into our vision of creating products that extend the value of 3G and 4G networks by sustaining a more mobile consumer and workforce.” stated Jack Alton, Vice President of Sales. “The market is demanding more and more options for connecting to the Internet, and CradlePoint helps businesses work in more places without compromising security or ease of use.”

The MBR1100, like the currently available MBR1000 (shown in photo above), allows enterprises and small business offices to use a wireless ISP as a backup to their primary wired ISP by providing automatic failover capability.  With the addition of 4G support, those businesses now have greater bandwidth when in failover mode.  4G becomes even more appealing for those business applications that require a wireless ISP for dedicated access. Initially, the MBR1100 will support the Franklin U300 from Sprint and the Clear USB modem from Clearwire on 4G networks and more than 85 modems and phones running on 3G networks.

The VPN feature has the capability to create and terminate up to five simultaneous IPSec VPN sessions. This translates into the easy addition of a secure node on an enterprise network, even if it is remote. In addition, if the primary ISP connection fails, the MBR1100 will failover to the wireless ISP and re-establish the VPN connection. By simplifying the IT support environment, CradlePoint’s MBR1100 becomes a valuable tool to establish secure communications from one private network to another. 

“This router is perfect for small offices, home offices, remote or satellite offices that require always available access and secure connections to the Internet, email and special applications. Temporary locations or mobile workgroups will find the MBR1100 handy because of its enterprise-class features, security and ease of use.” Alton commented.

As cellular carriers like Sprint and Clearwire continue to increase the speed and availability of broadband wireless networks, using a product like the MBR1100 for primary connection instead of a wired ISP is becoming a viable option for many users. Other customers will find the 3G/4G networks more suitable as a redundant option using the built-in failover, failback and load balancing features.

CradlePoint’s key innovation is its patent-pending WiPipe™ technology, which makes Wi-Fi access portable, secure, and easy to use.  With the MBR1100, devices such as Smartphones, PCs, PDAs, cameras, music players, gaming platforms, and even printers can all benefit from network access whenever and wherever customers want to set up a network, on the road, in the office, and at home.

The MBR1100 will be available in the first quarter of this year from resellers across the U.S. and Canada or online and has an MSRP of $349.99US.
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About CradlePoint Technology

CradlePoint is the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobile broadband networking devices serving business and consumer markets. The company engineers and produces cellular routers, portable hotspots, docking cradles and software platforms that facilitate secure mobile computing. CradlePoint’s unique WiPipe™ technology provides access and traffic management that improves the security and quality of the online mobile experience and supports new revenue streams for network providers. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho CradlePoint maintains sales offices in Montana, Florida, Kansas and Texas expects to have an online review completed
sometime before the official launch of the MBR1100

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