Sprint BroadbandAccess Terms of Service

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

In the Spirit of holding true to our namesake, and to provide you with as much information as possible, we have provided some easy to access information on Sprint's Terms of Service as they relate to Mobile Broadband.

This is a clip from the Sprint website:

Specific Terms & Restrictions On Using Data Services
In addition to the rules for using all of our other Services, unless we identify the Service or Device you have selected as specifically intended for that purpose (for example, wireless routers, Data Link, etc.), you can't use our data Services: (1) with server devices or host computer applications, or other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions; and (2) as a substitute or backup for private lines or frame relay connections. We reserve the right to limit, suspend or constrain any heavy, continuous data usage that adversely impacts our network performance or hinders access to our network. If your Services include web or data access, you also can't use your Device as a modem for computers or other equipment, unless we identify the Service or Device you have selected as specifically intended for that purpose (for example, with "phone as modem" plans, Sprint Mobile Broadband card plans, wireless router plans, etc.).

The original location of this text is at (just click on terms of service).

Also from the Sprint Site
Mobile Broadband Plan Includes

  • 5 GB/mo. in total or 300 MB/mo. while off-network roaming. (1024 kb=1MB. 1024 MB=1 GB)
  • Additional monthly usage over 5 GB costs 5/MB. You may not use more than 300 MB/mo. while off-network roaming.
  • International data roaming may incur additional charges. Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred.

For information about the 5GB allowance and what you can do with 5GB, view What Does 5Gb Get Me?

For information about overage charges for exceeding the 5GB allowance view Sprint Overages.

A discussion of Sprint's BroadbandAccess Terms of Service can be found at EVDO Forums

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