Tips To Help Consumers Get the Most Value from Their Cellular Service

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tips To Help Consumers Get the Most Value from Their Cellular Service

TREVOSE, Pa., March 24 -- In our current economic climate, smart consumers and businesses realize cutting costs does not have to equate to sacrificing quality and reliability. To gain the most value from your wireless service, consider the following money-saving tips from Verizon Wireless:

  1. Select a price plan that fits your lifestyle: A wireless plan should fit like a glove. Tell your wireless salesperson how, when and where you plan to use your new device. Family plans, such as Verizon Wireless' Nationwide Family SharePlan offer big savings. Customer care or in-store sales representatives can evaluate your price plan, usage history and recommend a plan that may save you money. Most Verizon Wireless plans include unlimited calls to 80 million subscribers and unlimited calls on nights and weekends on the largest in-calling network in the U.S. The company's "Friends & Family" option lets you make unlimited calls anytime to up to five or 10 numbers on any wireless or landline network in America, and talk as long as you want without using your plan minutes. For consumers new to wireless or not sure how much they will need to use their cell phone, prepaid plans are a great option.
  2. Test drive your carrier: Carriers that care about your business will allow you a test drive to ensure that your phone and plan selections are the best for you. With Verizon Wireless' Worry Free Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your device and cancel service within 30 days of activation and pay no early termination fee.
  3. Text/Picture messaging bundles are best: Understanding your text and picture messaging usage can help reduce your cell phone bill. Verizon Wireless offers several options that can be added to your calling plan and save you money if you or family members are power texters or heavy picture messaging users. Packages start as low as $10 a month and include unlimited text, picture or video messaging to other Verizon Wireless customers.
  4. Take control of your cell phone bill: Make sure your carrier offers you the option to monitor and manage your cell phone usage online. Verizon Wireless customers can review up-to-date information about account activity, add or remove features and even change price plans for free 24/7 by registering at MyVerizon. Customers can also check minutes, bill balances and even text, picture or video messaging usage by dialing #MIN, #BAL and #DATA.
  5. Consider cutting the cord: Many families and small businesses are discovering that the key to reducing overall telecommunications spending is the elimination of their landline phone by using their wireless service for their communications needs at home and on the go. Verizon Wireless offers unlimited "anytime minute" calling plans for as low as $99.99 a month, making it easy for those paying for both a landline phone and a wireless phone to "cut the cord".
  6. Ask your service provider about reward programs: With Verizon Wireless' New Every Two program, customers on qualifying price plans are eligible to receive discounts on new phones, or in some cases a free cell phone, when they renew their service.
  7. Accessories are necessities: Ask about deals on essential items like hands-free headsets or car chargers that can help you get the most out of your cell phone.
  8. Protect your valuable investment: Consider insurance coverage to help protect you if your cell phone is lost, stolen or damaged. Verizon Wireless offers a Total Equipment Coverage option for $6 a month.

"The bottom line for anyone looking to get the most for their money is value and reliability," said Christine Baron, president of Verizon Wireless' Philadelphia Tri-State Region. "If you can only call from limited areas and can't complete your calls, then a low price doesn't necessarily equal a good deal. We've invested more than $50 billion in our nationwide network since 2000 to increase coverage and capacity and bring new services to our customers."

For more information about Verizon Wireless cellphones and services call 866-3GSTORE (866-347-8673)

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