Unsupported Sprint and Verizon Phones and Cradlepoint Routers

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tethering Your Sprint/Verizon Phone with a Cradlepoint Router

lg dare and PHS300
The Verizon LG Dare is not "officially supported" by Cradlepoint - but it sure does work well!

Now that both Sprint and Verizon are each offering several tether-capable Rev-A phones, more and more people are using tethering for their occassional and temporary mobile broadband needs. Tethering a compatible phone with a single computer is relatively simple, but when it comes to sharing the connection with multiple computers the options can be a bit limited. While most dedicated mobile broadband devices (i.e. a USB, ExpressCard, or PCMCIA modem) are compatible with at least one 3G router, the sheer number of available cell phones (there are FAR more cell phones than there are data cards, and new ones come out more frequently) makes it very difficult for router manufacturers to test and provide support for each and every model. Because of the huge variety of available cell phones, most routers only "officially support" a select few models - but that does NOT necessarily mean that un-supported cell phones will not work with the router! It simply means the manufacturer has not tested the phone to ensure compatibility.

In the case of Cradlepoint routers, we have found that many Verizon phones and a few Sprint phones prove to be compatibile despite not being on Cradlepoint's list of officially supported devices. The following phones are not officially supported by Cradlepoint but have been tested by 3Gstore/EVDOinfo staff to confirm compatibility (please note the firmware version used in testing as other firmware versions may not produce the same results):

Un-supported VERIZON phones that tethered successfully with Cradlepoint routers:

Un-supported SPRINT phones that tethered successfully with Cradlepoint routers:

This list will continue to be updated whenever we discover another unsupported Sprint/Verizon phone that is compatible with Cradlepoint routers.

An important note about compatibility and guarantees!

Because these phones are not officially supported by Cradlepoint, we cannot guarantee compatibility nor can we provide full technical support for a router used with an unsupported device (and Cradlepoint will not provide technical support for unsupported devices). However, 3Gstore does offer a 14-day return policy on Cradlepoint routers and if you are unable to tether your phone successfully you can return the router for a full refund (less shipping).

It is also important to understand that you must have the official tethering/phone-as-modem feature active on your phone in order to tether with a router - if you are using an unofficial "hack" or a third-party software to tether your phone, it will NOT work with a router (even if your phone is officially supported by Cradlepoint).

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