New Embedded EVDO module from Sierra Wireless adds support for Linux

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Friday, 24 April 2009

New Embedded EVDO module from Sierra Wireless adds support for Linux

Sierra Wireless MC5728V offers increased flexibility and feature enhancements and is the first EV-DO product with TRU-Flow data traffic management technology to speed performance under high usage, even with a VPN.

Sierra Wireless MC5728V

April 2, 2009
VANCOUVER, B.C. – Sierra Wireless today announced the MC5728V, the newest addition to the company’s embedded module product line, designed for EV-DO Revision A networks. The Sierra Wireless MC5728V embedded module is designed to provide more flexibility to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrating mobile broadband connectivity into a variety of devices, including fixed wireless terminals and portable handheld devices.

With the new QSC6085 chipset from Qualcomm, the MC5728V offers OEMs a cost effective solution with longevity to protect the investment customers make in new product integration and certification. The MC5728V is a full-sized card compatible with the PCI Express Mini Card F2 standard, allowing OEM customers more versatility to integrate the module into products that accept either the full-sized or half-sized card. In addition, Sierra Wireless EMConnect™, a suite of robust firmware features designed into the MC5728V, helps to reduce development time, platform costs and dependence on host processors, simplifying the product development cycle for OEM customers.

To speed up product development cycles, Sierra Wireless offers OEMs a choice of software development kits (SDKs), supporting Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Linux, as well as professional services for design, integration, testing, and device certification.

The Sierra Wireless MC5728V will be the first Sierra Wireless EV-DO product to launch with TRU-Flow data traffic management technology. When a device attempts to upload and download over the wireless network at the same time, congestion can reduce data throughput, slowing down performance. Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow monitors IP traffic and data throughput to optimize the overall upload and download modem performance. When there is uplink congestion, TRU-Flow technology is theoretically capable of nine times increase in download throughput. Field tests show an average 100 percent increase in the download throughput performance and an average 100 percent improvement in web page load times, even with a VPN enabled, and regardless of the mobile operator network used.

“Sierra Wireless is driven to support OEMs with innovative product improvements that improve cost-effectiveness and simplify the integration process,” said Greg Speakman, vice president of Marketing for Sierra Wireless. “The MC5728V embedded module offers our OEM customers greater product endurance and flexibility, along with firmware features that improve product development time and device performance, and software development kits supporting multiple operating systems, including Windows CE and Linux. In addition, the integration of Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow helps to ensure that products using the MC5728V provide the best possible performance on the wireless network, improving overall product quality and reliability for end users.”

Samples of the MC5728V are currently available for OEM customers for integration and testing. Shipments are expected to begin in the middle of this year.

Sierra Wireless MC5728V

  • Peak data speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps on the downlink and up to 1.8 Mbps on the uplink
  • Compatible with full size PCI Express Mini Card F2 standard
  • EMConnect™ firmware features allow the use of a Sierra Wireless embedded module as a stand-alone radio interface, reducing dependence on host processors.
  • GPS-capable to enable location-based services and telematics applications.
  • Voice capabilities and support for simultaneous voice and data usage enable a variety of applications, including use in fixed wireless terminals and portable handheld devices that require the ability to make voice calls.
  • Software Development Kits and professional services supporting development for multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Sierra Wireless EMPOWERED™

Sierra Wireless 3G embedded modules are powerful, cost effective solutions that easily integrate into laptops, portable devices and fixed wireless terminals, offering complete wireless data solutions over HSPA and EV-DO Rev A networks. Sierra Wireless EMPOWERED™ devices deliver the same reliable, high-quality mobile broadband connectivity customers have come to expect from Sierra Wireless, embedded and optimized within the host device to offer the best possible performance.

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