Sprint LG Rumor 2 - First Impressions

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Tuesday, 05 May 2009

Sprint's LG Rumor 2: First Impressions

LG Rumor 2 views

The LG Rumor 2 is, not surprisingly, an update to the popular Rumor which has been available from Sprint since late 2007. Unfortunately, like the Instinct S30 , the Rumor 2 - while a very nice phone - does not offer much in terms of improvements over its predecessor.

Aesthetically speaking, the Rumor 2 is slightly larger than the original Rumor, has a more vivid screen, features a raised square toggle, and an expanded 4-line QWERTY keyboard:

Rumor and Rumor2
Left: the original LG Rumor. Right: the new Rumor 2

Features-wise, the main addition to the Rumor 2 is Outlook and Lotus Notes corporate e-mail capabilities. The slide-out QWERTY has been expanded to include dedicated number keys and a smiley-face button (convenient!) but somehow doesn't sacrifice roominess. Aside from that, the features set is nearly identical to what we saw with the original Rumor: text and multimedia messaging, instant messaging (AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo), media player, calculator, voice recorder, voice dialing, wireless phone book backup, notepad, alarm clock, calendar, PC syncing, USB mass storage, memory card manager, GPS with support for Sprint Navigation (extra charges apply), Sprint's Family Locater service (extra charges apply), and stereo Bluetooth.

Like the original Rumor, texting and emailing are by far the best functions of the Rumor 2. The slide-out keypad is sturdy and the raised buttons are super-easy to use, and the keyboard is backlit. Email setup was excellent - you can access multiple POP3 accounts including AOL, AIM, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and even corporate email and once set up the messages download directly to the phone just like a PDA. Texting and emailing on the Rumor 2 was just as easy if not easier than doing so on the average PDA.

The Rumor 2 has a web browser, but I probably wouldn't recommend this phone for heavy web-users. The screen is simply too small (LOTS of scrolling necessary to view sites) and the lack of EVDO means that browsing isn't as fast as it could be. Websites actually look fairly decent thanks to the quality display, and there are options to increase the size for easier reading, but extensive web browsing is probably best saved for a 3G model or a phone with a larger screen.

As for the fun factor, the Rumor 2 features a music player (no video player), but you must have a microSD card inserted to use it and no card is included. However, it does support up to 16GB cards and supports MP3, WAV, AMR files. Music sounded pretty good - not stellar, but certainly high enough quality to listen to your MP3's on the go. The Rumor 2 comes with a few built-in games, including a fun Java-based Guitar Hero III demo, and more games can be downloaded right from the phone, as well as ringtones and apps like NFL Mobile and Nascar.

Disappointingly, the Rumor 2 does not come with a microSD card nor does it include a USB cable for syncing to your computer. Once you have those two items you can use the Rumor 2 as a storage device and drag-and-drop files like music and photos to and from your computer and the phone easily, however.

What we love:

  • Superb QWERTY keyboard
  • Easy email setup (don't have to go through the web browser)
  • Can be used as mass storage device (but no microSD card OR USB cable is included)

But we're not as fond of:

  • Cannot be used as a modem
  • No 3G (not even EVDO Rev-0)
  • No microSD card OR USB cable is included!
  • Tiny screen

Overall grade: B-. Avid texters and emailers will love this phone, but folks looking for a web phone will likely prefer a larger screen and 3G support.

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