Kyocera KR2 End of Life

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Friday, 01 May 2009

Kyocera KR2 End of Life

KR2 end of life

Update 12/2009: The KR2 is no longer available, but there are several other routers available that support the same modems/phones - and many, many  more! - as the KR2. Please view our router selection guide to compare the currently available mobile broadband routers.


Kyocera's KR2 3G router only debuted a little over one year ago, but we are sorry to report that Kyocera has confirmed that they will not be releasing any future firmware updates for this model.

While Kyocera has never been as steady with their firmware upgrades as Cradlepoint (Kyocera has provided just 3 firmware updates for the KR2 since its launch while Cradlepoint has provided 10 firmware updates for the MBR1000), we first became concerned about the future of the KR2 in April when Kyocera did not display the KR2 at their booth at CTIA. The Kyocera rep at CTIA indicated that the KR2 was an "old" product that they did not plan to follow up with. Since then, multiple customers have received the same confirmation from Kyocera.

Because Kyocera will no longer be releasing any future firmware updates for the KR2, it will quickly become outdated and is not a wise long-term investment. Without firmware updates, the KR2 will not support future devices, meaning even if your current aircard is supported you will likely not be able to use the KR2 with your next device when you upgrade!

If you are currently in the market for a 3G router, we DO NOT recommend purchasing the KR2. Instead, we highly recommend perusing the available Cradlepoint routers and reading through our "Which Router is Right for Me? " guide to help you make the appropriate selection.

Here at EVDOinfo/3Gstore we have generally recommended the Cradlepoint MBR1000 over the KR2 for most customers, as the two units are actually nearly identical and both were developed by Cradlepoint. However, the KR2 has a PCMCIA card slot, which made it the better and often ONLY option for customers using aircards like the AC595, PX-500, PC5750, etc. With the recent release of the Cradlepoint MBR1200, which features a PCMCIA slot (as well as USB and ExpressCard slots), PCMCIA card users no longer need to look to the KR2 as their only option!

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