EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #5: Use Your Sprint/Verizon EVDO in Canada and Mexico

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Monday, 11 May 2009

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Use Your Sprint or Verizon EVDO in Canada and Mexico

Travel-loving Americans who use EVDO from Sprint or Verizon are well aware of its reliability for connecting to the internet right here at home, but did you know that you can also use EVDO when you travel to our neighbors to the north and south, too? There is a common misconception that EVDO technology only works in the USA, but both Verizon and Sprint have roaming agreements with carriers in Canada and Mexico�that allow you to use your EVDO modem throughout North America!

Just like using your USA-based cell phone internationally, using EVDO in Canada and Mexico is not cheap and coverage is far more limited than what you see within the US. However, for road-trippers and RV-ers, being able to use your Sprint or Verizon EVDO service when you cross the border can be a HUGE boon (unless you like mapping your trip around internet cafes!).

What are the plans called?

Sprint calls theirs the "North American Plan" and Verizon's is called the "GlobalAccess Monthly Plan".

Verizon also has a rental program called the "Global Travel Program" where Verizon customers can rent a phone or aircard for short international trips (up to 21 days). You can read more about that program here.

How much does it cost?

Sprint's North American Plan is $109.99 for 5GB of usage plus $0.25 per MB beyond 5GB.

Verizon's GlobalAccessPlan is $129.99 for 5GB of usage plus $0.25 per MB beyond 5GB, but only 100MB of that can be used in Mexico - once you surpass 100MB in Mexico, Verizon will charge $0.005/KB (that's $5.12/MB!)

Can I switch back and forth between the North American/GlobalAccess plans and the regular $59.99/mo plan?

YES. Both Sprint and Verizon allow customers to switch back and forth between their regular domestic plan and their Canada/Mexico plans. Just remember that if you switch in the middle of your billing cycle you will see some pro-rated charges on your next bill.

Do I need a special aircard to use EVDO in Canada or Mexico?

Nope! You can use your existing Sprint or Verizon aircard in Canada or Mexico anywhere your carrier has service.

How can I find out if there's coverage where I'm going?



Remember to look for "data" coverage - many areas have VOICE coverage but not all have data capabilities.

Again, coverage isn't available "everywhere" and it is definitely important to keep an eye on your usage when traveling in Canada or especially Mexico, but these North America data options from Sprint and Verizon are a great option to keep in mind. Happy travels!

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