Tekkeon Battery Packs for Cradlepoint Routers Comparison

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3 Tekkeon Battery Packs Available for Cradlepoint Routers at 3Gstore!

What could be better than being able to share your mobile broadband device with multiple computers, like you can with a Cradlepoint router? How about a battery pack for your router so that you can be truly wireless!

We here at EVDOinfo/3Gstore love our Cradlepoint routers, and the one thing that makes them even MORE useful is a battery pack. With one of the compatible Tekkeon battery packs attached, we can take our mobile broadband anywhere without needing to worry about "plugging in" - road trips, camping, the RV, backyard cookouts.... and even for those of us who prefer the indoors, a battery pack is a must for backup purposes (what happens to YOUR internet when your power goes out?).

3Gstore is pleased to offer three unique Tekkeon battery packs that are compatible with Cradlepoint routers. Whether you need a couple hours or a full day of power, 3Gstore has you covered:

MP3450i and CTR500MP3450i R2: Users looking for the MAXIMUM amount of battery life for a mobile broadband router will want to check out the MP3450i, which can provide up to 12 hours of run-time to the MBR1000/MBR1200/MBR900 and up to 16 hours of run-time to the CTR500/CTR350/PHS300! The MP3450i also offers the option of adding an expansion battery (the MP3450-10; sold separately) that DOUBLES the battery life you'll see from the MP3450i alone. It is also the ONLY battery pack available for the MBR series of Cradlepoint routers.

Tekkeon recently updated the MP3450i to add another feature that makes it even more valuable: a USB port! The addition of the USB port means that you can charge/power just about any USB-powered device - the iPad, phones/PDAs, the MiFi, the Overdrive, etc. You can even power a USB-powered device at the same time that you're using the battery pack's main power supply to power a router (although you'll drain the battery faster powering multiple devices simultaneously). While other stores are still selling the original MP3450i, all MP3450i's shipped by 3Gstore are the R2 version that includes the USB port!

The MP3450i is on sale now at 3Gstore.


MP2250 and CTR500MP2250: The MP2250 is the "little brother" of the larger and more powerful MP3450i and provides up to 6 hours of run-time to the Cradlepoint Travel Routers (CTR500/CTR350/PHS300; not compatible with MBR1000/MBR1200/MBR900). This is a great and affordable option for folks who like the option of a backup battery but don't need the full power of the MP3450i.

The MP2250 is on sale now at 3Gstore.




MP1800CP and CTR350MP1860CP (replaced the MP1800CP): This is the most compact and most affordable way to provide backup battery power to your Cradlepoint CTR500, CTR350, PHS300, or CBA250 (it is not compatible with ANY of the other routers). The MP1860CP weighs just 4.5 ounces includes the battery and all necessary cables/adapters. It can provide 3-4 hours of power to your Cradlepoint Travel Router.

***IMPORTANT***: The MP1860CP sold by 3Gstore is NOT the same as the original MP1860! The original MP1860 that other resellers have been selling are not capable of powering the Cradlepoint routers. The MP1860CP that 3Gstore sells is guaranteed to provide the necessary 2 amps of output current necessary to function with the Cradlepoint Travel Routers and the appropriate cable and adapter are INCLUDED. If you purchase a Tekkeon MP1860 elsewhwere, it is NOT likely to be the correct version for your Cradlepoint router!

The MP1860CP is on sale at 3Gstore.

Not sure which battery pack is right for you? Contact the EVDO Experts and we will be happy to assist you!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 February 2011 )
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