EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #13: Get Sprint's Simply Everything Plan

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Friday, 24 July 2009

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Sprint Users: Save Money with "Simply Everything!"

Here at EVDOinfo/3Gstore, we don't just "sell stuff", we USE the products and services we discuss here - and we're honest about what we like and what we don't like.

Recently one of our EVDO Experts and her husband decided to switch their cell phone service from AT&T to Sprint, to take advantage of their superior network coverage and of course try to save some money in the process. After reviewing Sprint's available plans, they decided on going with an Everything Messaging Plan, which Sprint advertises as providing voice minutes, unlimited text, video and picture messaging, and unlimited mobile to mobile calling with other Sprint subscribers. The Everything Messaging Family Plan with 1500 shared minutes is $99.99 for two lines of service and seemed like a great deal.

Unfortunately, they quickly learned that saving money with this plan was probably not going to happen. Here is what our EVDO Expert had to say about the experience:


We received our new Sprint phones from 3gstore (of course) and as soon as I opened them, I started playing around with them and seeing what features they had (I selected the LG Lotus; my husband uses the LG LX370). I noticed right away the setup of many phones now are like your getting handed a loaded gun - its so easy to connect to the internet, even if you didn't intend to do so. I love sending picture mail, but I noticed that in order to send picture mail it prompted me to connect to the internet. This concerned me, because the "Everything Messaging" plan includes picture messaging, but not internet access. Since Sprint charges per megabyte for internet usage if access is not included in your monthly plan, I was worried that I'd be charged for connecting to the internet every time I sent a picture message.

I call Sprint to confirm that picture messaging was indeed included in the Everything Messaging plan and they assured me that connecting to the internet to send a picture message would NOT incur any fees, as long as I was only connecting when the messaging part of the phone prompted me. Still slightly concerned (and frightened of huge per-megabyte internet charges!) I even called a second time just to make sure I was given the same answer. I received the same answer from a second rep and continued using my phone and picture messaging feature under the assumption that the messaging was included in my monthly rate.

A few days passed and I decided to check my account online. To my surprise, it said I had accrued $7.67 in data charges and that my husband had accrued $20! Since we hadn't been using data on our phones aside from picture messaging, it was obvious that the reps had been incorrect and that data charges DID indeed apply when connecting to the internet to send a picture message - in other words, even though the plan specifically says that picture messaging is included, since picture mail requires a data connection and data is not included in the plan, it is incredibly easy to rack up enormous charges using a feature you mistakenly think you've already paid for.

I promptly contacted Sprint again and after expressing my frustration and the fact that I had been assured that I would not be charged for data access, was offered a fair resolution for the charges. I then promptly switched my plan to one that included data.

The moral of Vanessa's story is: who really has time for all that BS? If she would have signed up for the Simply Everything plan from the start, she would have saved herself from:

  • Bouncing from Customer Representative to Customer Representative
  • Calling repeatedly to confirm charges and plans
  • Being paranoid about not accidentally connecting to the internet (which is incredibly easy to do)
  • Checking her account online every few days to make sure she hadn't mistakenly incurred any fees

In the log run, sometimes its wise to spend what initially seems like more money. By choosing the "Simply Everything" plan, Vanessa now has:

  • Unlimited voice minutes
  • Unlimited text, picture, and video messaging
  • Unlimited internet access
  • Email access
  • GPS Navigation

With the Simply Everything plan, Vanessa now knows exactly what her Sprint bill is going to be each month, and she'll never have to call Sprint to find out if a feature is included. She can use all the features of her phone without stressing about extra fees. Because everything is included, she'll actually SAVE money, even though the plan is more expensive than the Everything Messaging plan she had originally chosen. With the Everything Messaging, she would have easily racked up "extra fees" for using features on her phone and wound up with a monstrous bill. With Simply Everything, there won't be any surprises.

As cheesy as it may sound, the bottom line is that the Simply Everything plan from Sprint is simply fantastic and the best way to take advantage of all the features available to your phone without breaking the bank.

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