EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #16: Use WiFi AND Tethering on Your Verizon MiFi

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

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How to Use WiFi AND Tether Your Verizon MiFi 2200 at the Same Time


UPDATE: 11/06/09 After this information was released, Novatel Wireless has corrected this in the configuration file and will no longer be configurable after a Verizon MiFi device has received it’s updates.  According to our sources at Novatel Wireless, this oversight could become a potential safety issue in that when plugged into a USB port and  running the modified configuration could cause damage to the computer it is operating on.

3GStore does not advise using this “hack” any longer for we will not be held responsible for bodily harm or any damage that may be caused to both your MiFi and computers.

The Novatel MiFi 2200 has become an extremely popular mobile broadband choice, but like most good things, it has a couple downsides. One issue that has bothered many users is the fact that the MiFi is essentially made to be WiFi only, and if you need to connect a computer that doesn't have WiFi capabilities (like a desktop computer), the WiFi is disabled! This is a big problem for folks who want to share their mobile broadband connection with both a desktop computer and a laptop, because if they tether the MiFi to their desktop, they can't share the connection with any other devices.

EVDOinfo has already addressed a couple workarounds for this issue (like connecting the MiFi to a Cradlepoint router with ethernet ports, or simply adding a WiFi adapter to the desktop so that it can connect to the MiFi via WiFi), but we are pleased to report that we have found an even simpler way to allow the MiFi to be tethered without disabling the WiFi by editing the MiFi's configuration file!

NOTE: This tip is has only been tested successfully with the VERIZON MiFi, but not the Sprint version - it may work for some Sprint users, but our tests with the Sprint MiFi were not as successful.

1) While connected to your MiFi via WiFi (not tethered), access the administration page by going to the following URL in any browser:

2) Select the "Advanced" tab

3) Download the Configuration file to your desktop (it should save as "config.xml")

verizon mifi - download config file


4) Open the "config.xml" file in a text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit - do NOT open it with an HTML editor like Dreamweaver!)

5) Find the line of code that says "<routeroverusb>0</routeroverusb>" and change it to "<routeroverusb>1</routeroverusb>". Do not make any other changes to this file! Save the changes.

6) Upload the revised config.xml file (the upload tool is on the Advanced tab of the admin page, right below where you downloaded the original file).

Your MiFi will reboot, and you will now be able to use the WiFi while it is connected via USB to a computer! Enjoy!

What if you make a mistake or need to revert back to the original settings for any reason? Don't worry - simply hold the reset button on the back of the MiFi for 30 seconds and you will restore the factory default settings.

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