Verizon Wireless Global USB Modem AD3700 Review

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Verizon Wireless Global USB Modem AD3700 Review

The Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB modem,
shown with a U.S. dime for size reference.

The AD3700 Global USB modem allows users to access the internet at 3G speeds on Verizon Wireless' High Speed EVDO Rev-A Mobile Broadband network across the United States, and on HSPA, UMTS, GSM, GPRS and EDGE networks in 175 destinations around the world. To accomplish that unique feat, the AD3700 features both EVDO Rev-A and HSPA chipsets, along with a Vodafone-labeled SIM card, shown below.

The AD3700 ships with a Vodafone SIM card for use abroad.

The AD3700 ships with Verizon Wireless' "Global Support Guide" which includes a "Global Support Card" which can provide international traveler's with some assistance while abroad. The documentation advises users to be sure they download the latest VZAccess Manager software from before traveling and to familiarize themselves with available services by visiting International rate information for the countries that global service is available from can be viewed at

At 3.1"(H) x 1.7"(W) x 0.5"(D) and 1.6 ounces, the AD3700 is larger than other currently available USB modems, but its not so large that its inconvenient to travel with. The photo below shows the AD3700 alongside a U.S. quarter and the popular Verizon Wireless USB760 USB modem.

The AD3700 is larger than the USB760 and features a USB connector
that swivels into the body of the modem when not in use.

From a compatibility standpoint, the AD3700 is not as friendly as most new modems have been. The AD3700 ships with a CD with software for the windows platform, but there is no software available at all for Mac OSX. Testing on several Macs and versions of OSX proved fruitless, and its clear this modem is NOT for anyone who uses Mac OSX.

In addition, the AD3700 was not recognized by any cellular router we tested it with, not even any of the popular Cradlepoint routers. However, because the AD3700 is a global device, we believe Cradlepoint will make an effort to add support for it in a future firmware release. (no promises, though)

The AD3700 features internal cellular antennas and also has an RF jack to allow for high-gain antennas... UPDATE: 09/04/09 -- now has a complete selection of high-gain antennas for the ZTE AD3700 . Unfortunately, none of our dozens of adapter cables were a match and we aren't sure when an adapter cable for the AD3700 will become available. We'll update this article once an adapter cable is identified. Those of you who might already have an AD3700 and need improved signal right now, should look at the same wireless signal enhancers that we recommend for the Mifi (which does not have an RF jack at all).

The built-in antenna of the AD3700 is on par with other mobile broadband devices, bringing in the same level of signal at our Dallas workbench. With a signal that averaged -78 RSSI, the AD3700 also proved to be as fast as any other Rev-A device we've tested. Here's an average of several speedtests performed with the AD3700 at the time of this review.

Right now, we can only recommend the AD3700 to those customers who are looking for a single mobile broadband device that can offer them connectivity in many international destinations. We strongly recommend that everyone who is considering the AD3700 for international use, confirm the rates they will be subject to in the areas they will travel to. You can find that information at

For those who need high speed mobile broadband only in the United States, a USB modem like the USB760 may be the better option, simply because of Mac OSX and Cradlepoint router support and available of adapter cable/high gain antennas.

if you have questions about mobile broadband service where you need it, feel free to contact the experts at

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