EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #20: Which EVDO Device is Best for Cradlepoint Routers?

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

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Which EVDO Device is Best for Cradlepoint Routers?

Once someone has decided to sign up for Sprint or Verizon EVDO mobile broadband, the top question we hear is "which device is the BEST one?"

With regards to signal and speed, there is NO difference between the various devices sold by Sprint and Verizon. All of the currently available devices use the same technology and are capable of giving you the same speeds (you can read more about why here) - they just come in different form factors and from a variety of manufacturers.

That said, while there is no performance difference between the devices, if you are planning to use your EVDO device with a Cradlepoint router, some devices are indeed better than others. Cradlepoint's web admin allows for some great features, like the ability to view your signal strength and even the option of activating some devices right in the router, but not all devices are compatible with all of Cradlepoint's features.

If you plan on using your device with a Cradlepoint router, you'll want to pay attention to BRAGS (Bars, RSSI, Activation, GPS, Service) compatibility. Here's why:

Bars: Since EVDO performance is signal-dependant, knowing your signal strength is very important. With some devices, you'll only be able to see your signal strength if you have the device attached directly to your computer, but with other devices you'll be able to see your signal strength right in the web admin of your Cradlepoint router!

cradlepoint signal bars
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RSSI: Even better than being able to see your signal strength in bars is being able to view the RSSI, which is a far more accurate numerical reading of your signal strength.

cradlepoint rssi
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Activation: The first time you use your EVDO modem, you will need to activate it. Typically, this is done on your computer via Sprint Smartview or Verizon VZAccess Manager, but some modems can be activated right in the Cradlepoint routers! Even if your card has already been activated in your computer, this feature is helpful for PRL updates, which you'll want to do periodically. The ability to activate your card in your router is convenient and particularly helpful for folks who don't have the correct port on their computer and can ONLY use their aircard in the router (for example, ExpressCard users who switch to a laptop with no ExpressCard slot).

cradlepoint activation
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GPS: Some modems (mainly those from Sprint) have GPS capabilities, but in many cases you can only take advantage of that feature when the device is attached directly to your computer. Other GPS-capable devices work great with Cradlepoint, though!

cradlepoint gps
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Service Display: Most modern Sierra Wireless modems can now pass information to a Cradlepoint router about what network type the modem is connected to. This is useful when diagnosing speed because "Service Display" will tell you if modem is connected to EVDO (fast) or 1xRTT (slow) network.

Cradlepoint 'Service Display'
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This all begs the next obvious question: "how do I know if my modem can do this stuff?" Simple: just take a look at the "notes" section on the EVDOinfo Device Chart and look for BRAGS!

To us, the bottom line is this: Sierra Wireless devices -- like the Sprint 598U and the USB 598 that 3Gstore sells for use on the Verizon Wireless network -- are the most "feature compatible" modems for use with Cradlepoint routers.

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