3GStore's Exclusive Cradlepoint Router Support CD

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

3GStore's Exclusive Cradlepoint Router Support CD

Support CD is proud to announce that Version 1.2 of our Cradlepoint Router Support CD will begin shipping with every Cradlepoint router purchased from beginning Thursday, October 1, 2009.

Cradlepoint's cellular routers are chock full of admin features and for the most part, that's a great thing. For a lot of users new to using any kind of network router, setup and management can be a challenge, just as with any other router.

Our "Support CD" was created to help our customers get throught the process of setting up their Cradlepoint routers in as little time as possible, and this latest version is better than anything we've ever put out in the past.

For windows users, we've included a copy of portable Firefox onto the CD so that malware-maligned web browsers can't affect our technician's ability to assist a customer.

Since many of us at are Mac OS X users, we've ensured that our support CD will work just as well for our Mac customers.

 The support CD will assist customers using step-by-step notes for initial router setup (inlcuding wireless encryption/security options) as well as the process to upgrade router firmware.

Beyond the step-by-step assistance, we've included every version of firmware for every Cradlepoint router on the CD, just to make life that much easier for our customers. Of course, every time new firmware is released by cradlepoint, 3Gstore will release an updated version of our support CD!

As an added bonus to 3Gstore customers, we've included many of our exclusive "TipSheets" to assist with each router model, and to help with special configurations like Gaming Consoles and Wireless Distribution Systems (WDS).

Lastly, a directory of specialized windows utilities are included, just in case one of our techs needs to rectify a windows-specific issue that prevents them from getting a customer's cradlepoint router set up properly.

The new Cradlepoint Support CD is included FREE with all Cradlepoint orders at 3Gstore beginning 10/1/09. If you purchased your Cradlepoint router from 3Gstore before 10/1/09 and would like a copy of the CD, we are happy to send you one for just the cost of shipping & handling, $4.99. If you'd like to receive a copy of the CD, send an email to with your 3Gstore order number and we will reply with instructions to order it.

Check out this short overview video for more information about 3GStore's Exclusive Cradlepoint Support CD!


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