EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #24: Share Your Connection with a 3G/4G Router

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

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Share Your Connection with a 3G/4G Router

One of the best accessories available for any internet connection is a router. A router allows you to take the single connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and share it (via either WiFI or ethernet cable) with several computers or devices. A mobile broadband router for 3G or 4G is very similar to traditional routers that are used for cable/DSL and achieves the same end result, but they have the unique ability to accept a cellular modem as its connectivity source. Traditional routers that you can buy for cable/DSL connections will not work for mobile broadband simply because they do not have the ability to make the connection to the cellular network. Mobile broadband routers do!

Why might I want a mobile broadband router? Not everyone who owns a 3G or 4G Mobile Broadband card needs to share their connection between multiple computers, but there are many reasons why a router can be beneficial even for users who only need the connection for one computer:

  • You want to share the connection with multiple computers or devices. This is the number one reason why people use routers. A router allows you to share the connection from your modem with your laptops, desktops, WiFi-enabled devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch, wireless printers, TiVO's, gaming consoles, and more!
  • You want the added security that a router with its built-in firewall can provide 
  • The cellular signal is much better in one area of your house and you want to have your modem there but use your computer elsewhyere
  • You have a wired antenna system that plugs into your data card and want the freedom to use your computer anywhere in your home
  • You don't want to have your data card plugged into the side of your laptop for fear of it getting damaged
  • You have more than one data card that you want to load balance 
  • You want to provide an internet connection to a gaming console like the XBox, Wii, or Playstation for online gaming

How do I use a mobile broadband router? Using a mobile broadband router is very simple. You simply plug your 3G or 4G modem into the router (always check to make sure your modem or phone is supported by the router before purchasing; not all routers are compatible with all devices), and the router will automatically make the connection to your provider's network - unlike using your aircard or phone on your computer, you do not need any software or connection manager to initiate the connect, the router takes care of that for you! The only other steps are to connect your computer(s) or other devices to the router via either Wifi or an Ethernet cable. Some users choose to set up more advanced configurations and settings, but no advanced technical knowledge or skill is required to use a mobile broadband router. Each router sold by 3Gstore comes with a very easy to follow setup guide, and's top-notch technical support team is available if you still have trouble, of course!

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