Congratulations to our Wilson SignalBoost Contest Winners!

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Friday, 30 October 2009

Congratulations to our Contest Winners!

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Following the success of our September contest, 3gstore ran a contest in partnership with Wilson Electronics during October to give away two very useful wireless signal boosting kits. Participants were able to enter to win either a FREE Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional amplifier or a FREE Wilson Signal Boost DT repeater. Like last time, we asked folks to email us and tell us what they would use the products for and why they needed them, and we received some GREAT responses - everyone from RV'ers to students to business executives to entrepreneurs to families in rural areas with no cable/DSL access wrote to us and gave us compelling reasons why they should be the winner. Unfortunately, we couldn't give the prize to everyone, so we had to narrow it down. Congratulations to:

Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional WINNER: Harold G. from New Jersey will be pleasing his family and receiving the Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional. Below is an excerpt from Harold’s winning entry:

[I'd use the Mobile Pro] to increase signal strength in the car and hotel rooms when we travel. The better my daughters can stream video in the car moving down the interstate means the less whining I would need to listen to. I prefer the hum of the tires....... I would use the repeater to primarily boost the signal of my Merlin EX720 and my Blackberry 8830. If it'll work with the iPhone [3Gstore note: it does!] then the oldest daughter will be happy....back to the less whining.........

Harold will be enjoying his trips in the car from now on! Congratulations, Harold!

Wilson SignalBoost DT WINNER: Steve G. from South Carolina will be receiving the Wilson SignalBoost DT. For all customers hoping to boost their cellular signal in a static location, 3Gstore always recommends that the customer perform a site survey (read more about site surveys here: to determine what equipment is right for them. Based on Steve’s results from his testing and what he's hoping to accomplish, we believe he will have great success with the DT! Below is an excerpt from Steve’s winning email:

I currently have a kr1 router with a KPC680 card that I bought from alltel about 1.5 years ago. Verizon took over my phone plans but the Internet is still under the alltel plan. I have an Alltel tower about 2 miles from my house. I have an -84db signal about 20yards outside my house now, since I called them about -110db signals causing phone and Internet service to drop. They said I was between sectors causing low signals; they rotated the tower to improve our signal to -84db. We still have problems inside the house and have to walk outside to work. We are using Blackberry curves 8330 and the Blackberry Storm. Also any other person who comes in my house has the same problem. I live in a rural area where there is absolutely no other options! I don’t know how long the tower will stay in its current position, but I would devote whatever you need for feedback on this product. The -84db seems to surge/burst sometimes!

Congratulations, Steve!

Thank you to ALL of you who participated in the contest. We look forward to running more contests in the future and hope you'll all participate again!

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