Prepaid EVDO from - No Contracts, No Deposits, No Credit Checks

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Wednesday, 04 November 2009

Prepaid EVDO from - No Contracts, No Deposits, No Credit Checks

pay as you go mobile broadband



For many mobile broadband users, a 2-year contract for $59.99/month (which is standard from all the major carriers in the US) makes perfect sense. There are many potential users, however, who would love to have access to mobile broadband but don't need it full time or don't want to go through a credit check and sign a contract, and 3Gstore now has a solution for you: Pay-As-You-Go 3G Mobile Broadband!

Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore works just like a pre-paid cell phone, but with data instead of voice minutes. You simply purchase the aircard and then purchase pre-paid service as you need it (the service can be bought in 1GB or 250MB increments, and you can re-load anytime online or by calling a toll-free number). The modem is a Sierra Wireless 598U and works on Sprint's nationwide 3G network. Once you activate your pre-paid service, you can use your aircard just like you would if you had a contract with a service provider - you can use the aircard right in your computer or even use it with a router to share the connection with multiple computers! To make things as easy as possible for our customers, 3Gstore includes a helpful tipsheet and a CD with the latest versions of the Sprint connection manager software (for both Mac and Windows computers, including Mac 10.3 - 10.6x and Windows XP, Vista and Win7) when you purchase your modem.

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