Wilson SignalBoost DB Pro (841262) Overview

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Monday, 16 November 2009


Wilson 841262 DB Pro

More and more consumers are choosing to cut their "landlines" and depend solely on cellular service for their voice calls and for their internet access. For some, the decision is more challenging because inside their home, their cellular signal is weak enough to cause dropouts or even make it impossible to take or make cell phone calls or stay connected to mobile broadband service. For users in situations like these, an antenna or amplifier is often a great solution, and Wilson's newest all-in-one repeater kit, the SignalBoost DB Pro, is a great option for folks needing to provide a signal boost to multiple cellular devices at once in a stationary location.

The Wilson Electronics 841262 SignalBoost DB Pro Building Repeater recently won an award from an industry magazine favored by many custom electronics installers who are called upon by homeowners to improve cellular signal inside living areas and home offices. The DB Pro is a dual-band wireless amplifier/repeater that supports the common carrier frequencies in use in the United States; 800~900Mhz and 1800~1900Mhz. As a result, the DB Pro provides improved cellular signal for customers of major USA carriers including (but not limited to) Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Alltel, and T-mobile (the DB Pro does not help NEXTEL PTT Customers).

The 'DB Pro' is a complete building-class dual-band wireless repeater than consists of:

  • an externally-mounted omni-directional "donor" antenna that captures signal six to eight times better than a typical cell phone's antenna can;
  • 62 dB amplifier/repeater (must be mounted in climate-controlled area and requires 110v power);
  • a vertically mounted directional panel antenna that provides amplified cellular signal indoors;
  • quad-shield RG6 cable in 20, 30 and 50ft lengths to run antennas and amplifier/repeater

When installed properly, the DB Pro will grab best possible signal from all nearby cell towers, amplify it, and then re-broadcast that signal across an area that the indoor panel covers. Improved cellular signal will emanate in front of the indoor panel antenna for as much as 60ft -- the distance depends on the quality of signal received at outdoor donor antenna. The signal beam in front of panel antenna is 70-degrees wide and 50-degrees tall, allowing for signal to extend beyond a single-story area, somewhat. All of your cellular devices within range of the panel antenna - phones and mobile broadband modems - will benefit simultaneously from the boosted signal.

The use of quad-shield RG6 cable that is common to millions of cable/satellite installers has added to the DB Pro's popularity and ease of installation.

The DB Pro is a 'building-class' repeater and is meant for stationary applications on homes or buildings that are suffering from weak indoor cellular signal. The DB Pro is not recommended for mobile applications or installation in moving vehicles because signal oscillation will be difficult to avoid without significant physical separation between donor and indoor antennas (mobile users should contact us to discuss their needs).

The DB Pro's 62 dB power allows for larger indoor coverage than the 50 dB SoHo 801245, but the DB Pro does require much more physical antenna separation because of its higher gain -- customers should understand that depending on home construction, the outdoor and indoor antennas may need to be 30 to 75 feet apart before the amplifier will indicate safe operation with a green light.

Additional directional panel antennas can be added to the 841262 kit contents to allow for coverage in additional areas. Adding more panel antennas requires the use of a special splitter. Please note that unlike the majority of Wilson Electronics prior model repeaters, the 841262 uses 75 ohm technology, not 50 ohm -- therefore most existing Wilson antennas/amps/splitters are not compatible.

Wilson Electronics 841262 Wilson DB Pro Repeater Kit SignalBoost DB Pro Repeater
  • dual-band, multi-carrier solution
  • kit includes EVERYTHING you need to set up a home/office repeater setup.
  • uses common RG6 CATV cable
  • 6-8 times more signal to towers
  • 62 dB provides great indoor coverage
  • improves inbound/outbound voice calls
  • improves download/upload speeds
  • improves signal to multiple phones/aircards at once
  • not recommended for mobile use
  • antennas need 30+ feet separation

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