EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #33: Connect Multiple WiFi Devices to Commercial WiFi with Pepwave

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

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Connect Multiple WiFi Devices to Commercial WiFi with Pepwave Surf Mini

Many major internet service providers like ATT and Verizon (not the wireless divisions, the landline divisions) provide a large network of WiFi access for their DSL customers to use while traveling. Many roadwarriors out there who depend on these types of WiFi networks for their on-the-road internet access travel with multiple computers and other WiFi-enabled equipment in their rigs. As they travel from hotspot to hotspot, it becomes increasingly tedious to have to change network settings on all their gear so each piece of equipment can connect to the internet. The range of these WiFi networks can also be a problem - depending on the WiFi antena built into your computer/phone/device, you may have to be very close to the network to connect.

The Pepwave Surf Mini simplifies the task of switching from one hotspot to another without having to change network settings on each piece of equipment that requires internet access, and gives you the added bonus of being able to connect from further away (the receiving antenna on the Surf Mini is much stronger than the ones built in to laptops/phones/etc).

Once the Surf Mini is set up to watch for the common SSID (hotspot name) in use across the WiFi network (for instance, the SSID for ATT is 'attwifi'), the Surf Mini will constantly scan for that hotspot name. When the vehicle that is carrying the Surf Mini pulls into a location where "attwifi" is available, the Surf Mini will quickly lock onto the hotspot and you'll be able to connect a computer to the network and register with the appropriate password. Here's the cool part: once ONE computer has successfully registered through the Surf Mini, all of your other computers and devices that want internet connectivity can connect through the Surf Mini without having to register onto the network! Without that feature of the Surf Mini, every device in the vehicle would have to register onto the WiFi network individually via a compatible web browser, and WiFi-enabled devices that do not have a compatible browser (like game consoles and hand held gaming devices) would not be able to connect at all.

Check out this short video demonstrating how the Surf Mini allows you to connect multiple WiFi devices to a commercial WiFi network:

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