Cradlepoint CBA750 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Adapter Product Spotlight

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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cradlepoint CBA750 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Adapter

Cradlepoint CBA750 Mobile BroadBand Adapter

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The Cradlepoint CBA750 is a follow-up product to Cradlepoint's first "broadband adapter", the CBA250.

Like the CBA250, the primary purpose of the CBA750 is to convert mobile broadband to ethernet accessible IP, complete with "Public IP pass through".

The CBA750 can switch from a "configuration mode" which allows for management via web browser admin, or "IP Pass Through" mode where the unit bi-directionally converts from mobile broadband to ethernet, an ethernet to mobile broadband.

Customers who want to utilize cellular 3G or 4G mobile broadband service as a backup or failover to their existing network will love the "Drop In" installation of the CBA750, allowing for zero downtime and rapid deployment.

Improving upon the revolutionary CBA250, the CBA750 offers more hardware features and some very useful visual cues.

The CBA750 offers up three USB ports and a single expresscard/34mm slot to accept a wide range of cellular 3G and 4G modems and handsets, and an optional security enclosure is available to conceal the modems from view (just like the MBR1200).

Another new hardware feature is the CBA750's ability to operate at the end of a 'power over ethernet' configuration, extracting power from an ethernet cable. This allows the CBA750 to operate at the end of a single ethernet cable (no power cord) in a outdoor enclosure at a remote location where better cellular signal may be available.
The CBA750 can activate cellular modems onto carrier networks with one touch of its 'activation' button, and it can display the cellular signal of the primary modem when its 'signal' button is depressed. When multiple cellular modems are made available, the CBA750 will failover to another active modem if it determines the primary modem has lost service.

The CBA750 is the first device from Cradlepoint to have an LED/icon that identifies when the active modem is operating at slower 1xrtt/EDGE speeds (versus EVDO/HSPA speeds), as well as a "notice" LED/icon that looks like a yield sign, signifying that a message can be found via web admin or that a firmware update for the router may be available.

With its super set of features, more enterprise level businesses will find the new CBA750 a more attractive option to the older CBA250.

We expect that the CBA750 has many other unique features that we'll discover when we take a closer look at in our full review once the product is released.

Cradlepoint CBA750 Ports

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