3Gstore's Best Sellers (and Staff Favorites!) for 2009

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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

3Gstore's Best Sellers (and Staff Favorites!) for 2009

2009 has been quite a year for EVDOinfo and 3Gstore - we added several new products to our lineup (battery packs for routers, the uber-popular MiFi, the Cradlepoint MBR1200, Wilson's SignalBoost DB Pro repeater kit, and the versatile Pepwave Surf Mini, just to name a few!), started the popular Tip of the Week series, added some great new resources for customers like our "Which Antenna is Best for Me?" guide and our handy antenna jack locator, ran some very fun contests and giveaways, and celebrated a landmark with our 60,000th order. As always, our number one priority all year was to provide the best possible customer service to all of our customers before, during, and after each sale, and we hope we achieved that in 2009!

Thanks to you, our loyal customers, 3Gstore was able to make 2009 our best year ever. Below is a list of the top-selling items of 2009 (for a trip down memory lane, check out the best sellers of 2008!):

2009 Best-Sellers at

cradlepoint mbr1000
Cradlepoint MBR1000: It's easy to understand why Cradlepoint's flagship router is so popular - it supports a myriad of USB and ExpressCard modems, utilizes a powerful "N" radio for a huge WiFi range, and features four ethernet ports for wired connections. With Cradlepoint's holiday "Buy an MBR1000, Receive a Free CTR350" promotion (which ends 12/31/09 - act fast!) and 3Gstore's low sale price, buying an MBR1000 is a no-brainer.
Cradlepoint CTR350
Cradlepoint CTR350: Cradlepoint's tiniest and most affordable router came in at a close second place behind it's big brother. The CTR350 is compact (barely larger than a deck of cards - great for traveling), supports a wide variety of USB modems, and features an ethernet port for wired connections.
Cradlepoint CTR350 3G Router
Booster Antenna: The classic Booster Antenna was the first item ever sold by 3Gstore and continues to be one of our most popular products, year after year! It's effective, portable, and affordable - the Booster Antenna will surely remain a best-seller for many more years.
Omni External Antenna
Omni External Antenna: Wilson's 32" Omni External Antenna (AKA the "trucker antenna") is ideal for mounting on a home, office, or RV and delivers consistently impressive signal-boosting results. 
Wilson Direct Connect Amp
Direct Connect 3-Watt Amp: Wilson's 3-Watt Direct Connect amplifier can be used in conjunction with any of the antennas sold by 3Gstore to provide the best possible voice or data signal to a single phone or modem. For folks stuck in a weak coverage area where an antenna alone isn't quite enough, or travelers that want to ensure they're getting the best possible signal wherever they roam, the direct connect amplifier is the answer.

An honorable mention goes to the Novatel MiFi 2200 personal hotspot, which was by far the most popular data device for both the Sprint and Verizon networks.

In addition to those top sellers, which are obviously fan favorites, the 3Gstore staff would like to share their "staff favorites" that didn't make this year's best-sellers list:

  • Tekkeon MP3450i Battery Pack: Anyone needing to run a completly wireless setup for a looooong time will love the MP3450i, which can power the MBR routers for up to 12 hours and the CTR models for up to 16!
  • Wilson SignalBoost Kit with MagMount and Cradle: This surprisingly affordable (under $200) kit includes everything you need to boost signal to a phone or modem that doesn't have an antenna port.
  • USB Y-Adapter: This incredibly affordable little product allows an aircard to draw power from 2 USB ports instead of one - a big help when a machine does not put out enough power from a single port.  
  • Pepwave Surf Mini: The Mini is one of 3Gstore's newest products, and we cannot get enough of it! A WiFi bridge that does everything from WiFi-as-WAN (WaW) to allowing you to use ethernet-only equipment over a WiFi connection, the Mini is the ideal solution to countless WiFi-related problems.

Thank you to all of you who helped 3Gstore enjoy a successful 2009 - we look forward to seeing what 2010 brings!

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