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Tuesday, 12 January 2010 Now Selling CLEAR 4G Products/Service! is now a CLEAR online authorized retailer! For nearly five years 3Gstore (formerly has been the go-to source for all things 3G, and now we've expanded to offer our customers the latest in mobile broadband technology.

What is CLEAR? CLEAR provides 4G WiMAX internet access, which is like 3G mobile broadband technologies like EVDO, but much faster! It provides average download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts up to 10mbps. If you're interested in purchasing CLEAR's 4G service, first you will want to check the coverage maps to see if CLEAR has service in your area.

Which modems does CLEAR/3Gstore offer? There are currently three different devices available for use on CLEAR's network, and each one targets a different audience:

  • CLEAR USB Modem (4G only): The CLEAR USB Modem gives customers the flexibility to use their USB modem at home or on the go - anywhere that CLEAR 4G coverage is available, you'll have high-speed access to the web. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and can also be used in a Cradlepoint 4G router if you'd like to share your 4G connection with multiple computers/devices!
  • CLEAR 4G+ USB Modem (3G/4G): The Clear 4G+ USB Modem is a hybrid device, providing the ability to connect to both 3G and 4G - you'll be able to connect to the 4G network where available, and if you travel outside a 4G market it will automatically connect to Sprint's nationwide 3G network. The 4G+ modem is perfect for mobile customers that always need to have the fastest mobile broadband available, whether its on the 3G or 4G network. It is compatible with PC's only (Mac users will need to use the 4G+ modem in a Cradlepoint 4G router).
  • CLEAR Home Modem: The CLEAR Home Modem is for customers who are looking for an alternative to cable/DSL/dial-up internet, but do not need the service for traveling. There are several different 4G Home plans, with speeds ranging from 1-6mbit/sec, and the plans are priced very competitively with DSL/Cable. See CLEAR service plans for more information on the different plans that are available.

How much does CLEAR service cost? There are a variety of plans available to fit different needs and budgets. CLEAR's mobile 4G and 3G/4G service plans are excellent for travelers, and CLEAR's "Home 4G" services are an affordable Cable/DLS alternative for customers who are in areas where Cable/DSL is not available, or for customers who are looking for high-speed internet access at an affordable price. Professional users will want to look into CLEAR's "Professional Services", which add additional features such as static IP address, port security, dedicated support, and extra email addresses. For more details on all of CLEAR's service plans, check out our CLEAR service plans comparison chart.

Does CLEAR require a contract? CLEAR service is available with a traditional 2-year service plan or on a month-to-month basis. Month-to-month service will likely be a good option for folks with poor or no credit (no credit check is required for month-to-month) and those who only need service sporadically, but others may find that the traditional 2-year contract is a more valuable option. Customers signing up for a 2-year CLEAR contract through 3Gstore will receive the following benefits:

  • Option to lease your modem for a low monthly fee instead of purchasing it outright
  • No activation fee (month-to-month accounts are subject to a $35 activation fee)
  • Lock in your monthly rate for the life of your contract (CLEAR reserves the right to change rates for month-to-month customers at any time)
  • Receive discounts on 3G/4G routers
  • Receive discounts on 4G antennas/amplifiers when they become available
  • Enjoy FULL technical support for your CLEAR device (and all other accessories purchased from 3Gstore) from the experts at 3Gstore! (month-to-month customers will have access to our technical support during their 7-day trial only)

Are routers and antennas available for CLEAR modems? All of the CLEAR devices work with any of the Cradlepoint 4G routers sold by 3Gstore. Having a 4G router will allow you to share your CLEAR 4G internet service with all of your computers and WiFi enabled devices such as the iPod touch. If you purchase your CLEAR 4G service from with a 2-year contract, you will receive an instant $20 discount off any router AND we will update your Cradlepoint router to configure it for 4G devices so that it will work with your CLEAR device right out of the box! As for antennas, unfortunately, at this time no products exist to boost WiMAX signal. However, once they do become available, customers who signed up for a 2-year CLEAR contract through 3Gstore will be eligible for discounts on signal boosting equipment, too!

Why buy CLEAR from 3Gstore? 3Gstore's customer service and support staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to provide suggestions and find solutions for a huge variety of customer needs. With a 2-year CLEAR contract, you will have unlimited access to our superior 4G support for free for the life of your product (month-to-month customers will only have access to 3Gstore tech support during their 7-day trial period). What makes 3Gstore's tech support superior? Our technicians live in the US and use this equipment and service on a daily basis, so they can resolve your issues from their years of experience with mobile broadband services. We also support Mac OS X!

If you are ready to purchase CLEAR 4G service, you may do so at our CLEAR 4G Order Form.

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