EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #38: Beware of Router/Battery Compatibility!

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

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Look Before you Leap: Beware of Router/Battery Compatibility!

This week's tip is a warning to those customers who are considering an external battery pack for use with their Cradlepoint routers. While the Cradlepoint PHS300 comes with an internal rechargeable battery, none of the other Cradlepoint models do, and the PHS300 is not the right router for everyone - some users need a portable cellular router with an ethernet port, like the Cradlepoint CTR500, in order to connect a non-WiFi device (like a video phone, for example), or need features available on other Cradlepoint models but not the PHS300 (load balancing, multiple ports, etc). An external battery pack is the obvious solution, but not all batteries are compatible... and using an incompatible and unsupported battery may damage your router beyond repair (and void your warranty)!

Recently, one of our customers who presents ACN videophones on the road, was told by a friend of his to use a Lenmar battery pack designed for use with portable DVD players, to power his Cradlepoint CTR500. Shortly after doing so, his CTR500 no longer works as it should. He now has a cellular mobile doorstop.... not a router.

CTR500 damaged by incompatible battery
no modem attached but CTR500 has two blue signal LEDs on. ouch.

The problem was that the Lenmar DVD battery pack outputs the wrong voltage for a Cradlepoint CTR500 (or any Cradlepoint, for that matter).

Its important to realize that ALL electronic devices (including cellular routers) have specific power requirements and that its important to match up the output power (not just battery capacity) of any external battery pack, to the volt/amp requirements of the electronic gear you are powering. sells the only "Cradlepoint Approved" external battery packs: The Tekkeon MP2250 for the portable routers like the CTR350, CTR500 and PHS300 (it will power the travel routers for up to 6 hours), and the more powerful Tekkeon MP3450i that can power the MBR900, MBR1000, MBR1200 as well as all the portable routers (it will power the MBR-series for up to 12 hours and the travel routers for up to 16 hours!). Not only have 3Gstore and Cradlepoint tested and confirmed compatibility for these battery packs, but Cradlepoint has also designated them as the ONLY batteries approved for use with their routers. Using your Cradlepoint router with a non-approved battery pack will void your manufacturers warranty, and even worse -- can fry your router.

Look before you leap. Make an informed purchase. Don't fry your routers!

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