Wilson Electronics Fights For Your Right to Amplify!

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Friday, 05 February 2010

Wilson Electronics Fights For Your Right to Amplify!


wilson signalboost db pro
Amplifiers like the Wilson Signalboost DB Pro (above) help customers in weak signal areas use their cell phones and mobile broadband modems

As many cell phone and mobile broadband users can attest, no cellular provider has coverage "everywhere" (no matter what their commercials would like you to believe!). The number one request we hear at 3Gstore from customers and potential customers is "can you help me improve my signal?" In many cases, cell users are able to improve their signal and performance by using signal boosting equipment like antennas and amplifiers, and many rely on this type of equipment to stay connected - without signal boosting products, some users would be unable to use their cell phones or mobile broadband modems at all. 

Despite the undeniable benefits antennas, amplifiers, and repeaters offer signal-challenged users, it may surprise you to hear that cell carriers are doing everything in their power to restrict the use of these products! Cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have asked the FCC to restrict the use of amplifiers, arguing that they cause "major network interference" (read more about Verizon's policy against selling antennas/amplifiers here ).

It is true that a poorly made signal booster could cause problems, but restricting the use of them altogether is not the answer. Last August, Wilson Electronics, the manufacturer of many popular signal boosting devices like the iBooster, SoHo, in-vehicle amplifier, DB Pro, SignalBoost DT, and more, made a presentation to the FCC demonstrating that their products can operate on cellular networks without causing interference. In November Wilson formally petitioned the FCC to ask them to add new requirements that all manufacturers would have to follow (parameters Wilson's equipment already follows), so that the cellular carriers' arguments for wanting to limit the usage of signal boosting equipment would not be a concern.  

Wilson Electronics wants the FCC to tighten standards in three areas: Oscillation (feedback) detection and auto-shut down; proximity detection and auto-shut down; and bi-directional signal amplification. Wilson's line of signal boosting equipment already employs these technologies, and their argument is that if all manufacturers were required to follow the same guidelines customers could continue to have access to the equipment they need to improve their cellular signal without causing harm to the network.

Before making a decision, the FCC requested public comments from users of signal boosting equipment, and the response has been impressive. Over 500 comments have already been posted; users ranging from consumers in rural areas to big businesses to the National Transportation Safety Board and other public safety agencies have reached out to express the importance of boosters for their cellular usage. Public safety agencies and emergency responders make the excellent point that without their signal boosters, their ability to respond to crises in remote areas would be severely impacted. 

If you rely on a signal boosting device for your cell signal, we urge you to submit your comments to the FCC. This is an important opportunity for us to tell the FCC how valuable these signal boosting products are and to demonstrate that properly-designed equipment (like the equipment sold by Wilson) does not interfere with the cell carriers' networks.To comment, go the FCC's site via this link ( At the top of that page, click the "click here" link to enter your comment - in the "Proceeding Number" field, enter "10-4". Fill in your info and a brief comment and hit "continue" to submit your comment. The first round of comments is due Feb. 5, with a second deadline slated for Feb. 22, so please do not delay to add your comments!

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