Sprint Overdrive WiFi Issues with iPhone/iPod Touch

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Monday, 08 February 2010

Sprint Overdrive WiFi Issues with iPhone/iPod Touch


sierra overdrive and ipod touch


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UPDATE 2/24/10: Sierra has released firmware version 1.07 that improves performance

Key Performance Enhancements:
  • Improved Wi-Fi operation and throughput – especially for "power-save" clients: e.g., Windows XP (without changing Power Save setting), iPhone and iTouch.
  • Auto Update enhancements to improve download reliability over 3G Wi-Fi connection; Wi-Fi driver workarounds on handling unexpected freezes or crashes.
  • Fix for when device stays in offline after upgrade.
Sprint Overdrive Firmware 1.0.7 Download

Many users of the new Sierra 3G/4G Overdrive hotspot have noticed that their iPhone or iPod Touch do not work as well as one might hope with the Overdrive - the i-device will connect to the WiFi hotspot, but performance is slow. 3Gstore has also confirmed these issues in our extensive testing.

Our sources at Sierra Wireless have now confirmed that these WiFi issues are a known problem. The problem appears to be related to the wireless chipsets, and Sierra Wireless has confirmed that they are working on a new firmware release to address the problems this week. The firmware will likely first be released to Sprint before becoming available to consumers, but we will make sure to keep you posted as news about the firmware fix becomes available!

You can discuss the firmware fix and watch for developments on the EVDO Forums. If you'd like to be notified when updates become available, we recommend following that forum thread (to "follow" the thread on the EVDO forums, log in and then click the "watch this topic for replies" link beneath the thread).

We are very hopeful that the new firmware will be available soon so that iPhone and iPod Touch users can take full advantage of the 3G and 4G speeds the Overdrive is capable of providing!

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