EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #41: Use an Online Storage Service to Conserve Bandwidth

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

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Use an Online Storage Service to Conserve Bandwidth

Its no secret that the major 3G mobile broadband providers all impose overage charges after that magical first 5 gigabytes of data consumption per billing cycle. Obviously, no one wants to go over their limit and end up with a hefty bill, and we're often asked "how much data is that really?" We maintain this article with examples to illustrate what you can do with 5GB, and we've also written a Tip of the Week with some basic advice on staying within your allowance.

For this week's tip, we're going to talk about a useful tool for users who repeatedly send large files over their mobile broadband connection. This tip is not likely to appeal to every mobile broadband user, but for folks whose lifestyles or jobs require sending large files on a regular basis, this tip can cut down on their monthly data consumption and reduce their exposure to overage charges.

Examples of the kinds of large files we're talking about are:

  • real estate photos, maps, leases and similar documents from agent to prospects;
  • daily/weekly/monthly Excel spreadsheets with updated sales figures to a group of sales managers and sales reps;
  • the ever changing glossy back cover ad in PDF format, being sent to all the execs that have to provide input

Files like that can easily be 10 to 50 megabytes each or more, and some change often enough that they are re-sent daily. Lets do a little math for one example: if one of these documents is just 10 megabytes, but has to be sent to 25 people each week, that's already 250mb a week - for just one file!

Our suggestion is that folks who find themselves having to distribute files like these on a regular basis take advantage of "Online Storage" services like those offered by Google Docs, Mozy, or DropBox (there are many others but these are the ones staff have used and feel comfortable recommending).

The "trick" here is that by keeping the files you normally would email to many people on an online service, you would only have to upload the file once, and then each time you needed it to get to someone, you would only have to email a LINK to that file - rather than sending the actual file itself over and over again. Because all you've sent via email is a link, the savings on bandwidth (and potential overage charge) add up fast.

The features for each online service vary - serious document security, internet accessibility, document versioning, download tracking, and of course the main point we're trying to make with this article: reduced bandwidth consumption resulting in less exposure to mobile broadband overage charges.

Each service offers at least some level of free service, with higher storage levels costing more per month or per year. Many of you will be able to make good use of just the free service, recycling space as you need to by deleting stale documents from the online service.

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