Sierra Wireless AirVantage(TM) Services Platform

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Monday, 15 February 2010

New Sierra Wireless Services Platform overcomes management barriers to connecting millions of consumer devices

Sierra Wireless AirVantage(TM) Services Platform makes real-time data from millions of connected objects available anytime and anywhere


BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 15 /CNW/ - Sierra Wireless today announced a new Consumer Device Management application for the Sierra Wireless AirVantage(TM) Services Platform. This new application offers wireless network operators and M2M solution providers a simple, cost effective way to deploy and manage mass market consumer devices.

Provided through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, the AirVantage Services Platform provides operators and system integrators with the tools they need to deploy and manage millions of new wireless consumer devices and to take advantage of the rapidly growing connected services market. In addition, the platform's open interfaces make data from these consumer devices available to interactive communication tools such as smartphones and social networking platforms, enabling a whole new breed of connected services.

According to Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of worldwide M2M analyst firm Beecham Research, "Mobile network connections for M2M consumer devices are expected to exceed 100 million by 2013, with network services revenue increasing at almost 50% annual growth by that time. This substantial growth opportunity presents new challenges for M2M service providers and network operators to cater for the diverse network support needs of a rapidly growing variety of high volume devices. M2M Service Enablement Services (SES) platforms like Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform provide the most appropriate means for following through and bringing these new exciting products and related services to market both rapidly and cost effectively."


Open Web API and AirVantage Developer Suite


The AirVantage Consumer Device Management features include open Web APIs and the AirVantage Developer Suite, a powerful web services generation tool that lets service providers develop widgets and innovative web services interfaces. Using these open interfaces and AirVantage device management features developers can create new applications based on anytime, anywhere access to consumer device data.

This week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sierra Wireless is demonstrating a home energy management application that provides access to data from home devices, such as lights and power meters, over the internet using a variety of end-user terminals such as a web portal, a PC desktop or a smartphone. These interfaces also allow developers to link device data with online social platforms and create innovative applications that monitor and control connected devices. For example, in a home security application, vacationing families could link the application to a social networking platform that would share alerts with an unlimited number of contacts such as neighbors, friends or relatives, to make sure someone nearby is notified if there is a problem.


Device tracking, management, and diagnostics


Customers worldwide rely on Sierra Wireless AirVantage(TM) Services Platform to manage their remote devices and deliver powerful M2M services to their customers.

"We have chosen Sierra Wireless to help us deliver comprehensive device management and diagnostic capabilities. These capabilities represent exciting opportunities for our M2M customers to reach the market for consumer connected devices," said Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM.

Xact Technology, ORBCOMM's consumer electronics products provider, is using the ORBCOMM Web Portal, based on the AirVantage Services Platform, to manage consumer devices including the Xact Trax family of portable and embedded GPS tracking devices. Xact Trax devices provide advanced location monitoring services for tracking property, assets, loved ones and pets.

"AirVantage M2M services, provided by the Orbcomm-Sierra Wireless partnership, provide Xact Technology's tracking solutions with unmatched reliability, flexibility and performance and greatly expand our M2M business, bringing new value-added services to our customers," said Bill Acevedo, Vice President of Business Development at Xact Technology.


Sierra Wireless at Mobile World Congress 2010


Sierra Wireless will demonstrate an energy efficiency management use case based on these new Consumer Device Management features, this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Find us on the Avenue at AV-36.


Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform


Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform provides a worldwide software-as-a-service offering to enable network operators, system integrators and M2M solution providers to develop, deploy, support and manage cost effective M2M solutions and services with short time-to-market. AirVantage Services Platform includes a scalable, secure and open M2M platform and a powerful set of tools, combining comprehensive subscription management functions with many innovative capabilities for device management and web services.


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