EVDOinfo Tip Of The Week #42: Using the IP Switch With Your Pepwave Surf Mini

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

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Use the IP Switch + Pepwave Surf Mini to Monitor WiFi Connectivity

Using the 3Gstore IP Switch With Your Pepwave

One of our newest products at 3Gstore is the 3Gstore IP Switch, which monitors your router's internet connection and automatically reboots the router if internet connectivity is lost, forcing your router to re-connect to the internet. This week's tip will show you how to use the 3Gstore IP Switch with the Pepwave Surf Mini to monitor the Pepwave's WiFi connectivity. With the Pepwave Surf Mini connected to the IP Switch, if internet connectivity is lost, the 3Gstore IP Switch will automatically reboot the Pepwave Surf Mini and any other attached devices to re-gain internet/WiFi connectivity!
To set up the IP Switch to monitor your Pepwave, you'll first need to set the Pepwave to connect to the network of your choice and create a network name for the devices that will be connecting to the Pepwave (your gaming consoles, laptops, iPod Touches - any WiFi-enabled device!). Connect your computer to your Pepwave Surf Mini via the provided ethernet cable and point your browser to: to access the Pepwave's web admin. From here, take the following steps:
  • From the Pepwave Surf Mini splash page, select Advanced Config
  • From the Advanced Config page, select CPE Setup (You should automatically be forwarded to this page after choosing Advanced Config). You will only need to modify two sections on this page, as shown below - the rest of the settings can be left as the default settings.
  • Under the Wireless Settings section, you will need to enter the proper settings for the WiFi network you want your Pepwave to connect to. If you are unsure of the SSID for the WiFi network, clear out this field, and it will give you a list of wireless networks that are available. If neccesary, choose the authentication/encryption type and enter the password.
    Pepwave Configuration Local WiFi
  • Next, skip down to the AP Settings section. Set to "configure manually" and then create an SSID [Wireless Network Name] of your choice that your Pepwave will use to re-broadcast the WiFi connection. We would also recommend using WPA/WPA2-Personal security to prevent un-authorized access on your network. Once you have configured these settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click "Save". Then choose "Connect".
Pepwave IP Switch WiFi Configuration
Now that your Pepwave is connected to your WiFi network and set up to share the connection with other devices, you are ready to set it up with the IP Switch to monitor the connection. Connect your Pepwave Surf Mini's power supply to the one of the two outlets on the IP Switch, and then connect the ethernet cable from the Pepwave Surf Mini to the ethernet port on the IP Switch. Finally, press the red "UIS" button on the IP Switch to begin monitoring your Pepwave's WiFi connectivity! If internet connectivity is lost, the IP Switch will automatically reboot the Pepwave Surf Mini (and any other attached devices) to force it to reconnect - all by itself, with no need for action on your part!

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