3Gstore Tech Corner #2: Cradlepoint's WAN vs LAN Ports

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Monday, 22 February 2010

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One of the many benefits to shopping at is the unrivaled technical support our tech team offers. The mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore have helped countless customers solve a wide variety of issues, and in our Tech Corner series we'll be featuring interesting problems our customers have called us for help with, the solutions our team provided, and some simple advice for you to avoid the same problem!


 3Gstore Tech Corner: Cradlepoint's WAN vs LAN Ports

The Problem: Tech support has received several calls from Cradlepoint MBR1000, MBR1200, and MBR900 users who are having trouble connecting to their routers via ethernet - they report that the computers connected via WiFi work fine, but not one connected via ethernet. The computer shows that it is connected via a local area network connection (as it should when you're connected via ethernet), but when the user tries to load a webpage they see an "Unable to display page" error.

3Gstore's Solution: Since the WiFi-connected computers are working fine, it is immediately clear that the problem is related to the ethernet connection. Cradlepoint's MBR series of routers feature five ports on the back of the router, but they are not all the same - one is a WAN input port, and the other four are LAN output ports. The blue WAN port is an input port, which is used to connect a line into the router (a cable/DSL modem, for example), while the yellow/orange LAN output ports are the ones that can be used to provide internet access from the router to computers, gaming consoles, IP phones, etc. The ports are NOT interchangeable, so connecting your computer to the router in the blue WAN port will not provide internet connectivity to your computer.

Our tech support reps had the customers check to see which port they were connected to, and sure enough they had mistakenly connected to the WAN port instead of one of the LAN ports. As soon as they disconnected from the WAN port and connected to one of the LAN ports, their computers were able to surf the web!

Our Advice: This is a simple one - double check that you are connecting to the correct ethernet port on your router before becoming concerned that something isn't working properly. On the Cradlepoint MBR routers, the blue WAN port is an INPUT port (for connecting a cable/DSL/T-1/satellite modem); the four yellow/orange LAN ports are OUTPUT ports (for connecting the router to a computer or other device ) - see below:

The back of an MBR1000 - the blue port is the WAN port; the yellow ports are output ports

Since the ethernet cable that Cradlepoint sends with the MBR1000, MBR1200, and MBR900 is blue, many users assume that the ports are color-coded and that they should connect their computer to the blue WAN port. However, the cable color is just a coincidence - the color of the ethernet cable has nothing to do with the colors of the WAN and LAN ports.

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