3Gstore Tech Corner #3: Can't Connect Through Router? Try in Computer

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Tuesday, 09 March 2010

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One of the many benefits to shopping at is the unrivaled technical support our tech team offers. The mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore have helped countless customers solve a wide variety of issues, and in our Tech Corner series we'll be featuring interesting problems our customers have called us for help with, the solutions our team provided, and some simple advice for you to avoid the same problem!


 3Gstore Tech Corner: Can't Connect Through Router? Try the Modem in Your Computer

The Problem: Customers who use their modems through a router rather than directly in their computer occasionally call technical support reporting that they suddenly are unable to access the internet. Their connection was working before, but now they're seeing an "Unable to connect to WAN" error message, their "modem status" says "offline" in their Cradlepoint web admin, or the USB or MDM indicator light on the front of the router has changed from blue or green (connected) to amber or orange.

mbr900 lights
all Cradlepoint routers have an indicator light on the front that shows whether your modem is connected (blue or green) or not (amber or orange). The modem connected to the MBR900 above is successfully connected!

3Gstore's Solution: Since the router and aircard were previously working together just fine, the first thing to do is to confirm that the modem itself is still active. Tech support had the caller in question disconnect his modem from the router and plug it directly in his computer and attempt to connect via the carrier's connection manager software. Sure enough, upon trying to connect the modem, an error message popped up indicating that there was a problem with his account! Once he called Verizon to sort it out, he was able to use the modem in the router successfully again.

Our Advice: If your router is telling you that it cannot connect to your aircard (and it previously worked fine), try connecting in your computer using the carrier's connection manager software (Sprint SmartView, VZAccessManager, Quicklink Mobile, etc). Cradlepoint routers do not display error messages from the carrier, but the connection manager software does. If you see an error message, you'll know that the problem is with the account (as opposed to the router), and you'll then be able to call your carrier and sort out the problem (the most common reason for these types of errors is an unpaid bill). 

If your modem DOES work just fine when directly connected to your computer, you'll know that the problem is with the router and you'll be able to troubleshoot accordingly!

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