MBR1200 Firmware Upgrade Issues: How to Upgrade to 1.6.12

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

 MBR1200 Firmware Upgrade Issues: How to Upgrade to 1.6.12


Upgrading the firmware on your MBR1200 is NOT the same as upgrading on other routers!

Cradlepoint has released the long-awaited 1.6.12 firmware update for the MBR1200. Due to a bug in the previous  firmware (version 1.6.3), you cannot perform a manual firmware upgrade by downloading the firmware file and manually uploading it to the MBR1200. Instead, you will have to perform an automatic firmware upgrade from the MBR1200 administration page, which requires that your MBR1200 is connected to the internet.

For those ordering the MBR1200 from, we can upgrade the firmware for you before shipping your router for a $15 fee. If you already own the MBR1200 or prefer to upgrade the firmware yourself, below are the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the automatic firmware upgrade on the MBR1200 for 1.6.12 firmware upgrade:

1)  Before performing the upgrade, you should save your router's configuration settings. For more info on how to do this, see: How to Save Your Cradlepoint Router's Configuration
2)  Log into your router at and enter your Administration Password (unless you've changed it, by default the password is the last six digits of the router's MAC Address)
3)  Cick 'TOOLS' in the top navigation options.
4)  Click 'FIRMWARE' in the left navigation options.
6)  Allow the One Button Update to Find the Update and select 'UPGRADE ROUTER NOW'
7)  Once completed, select 'SAVE SETTINGS' to save the firmware to the routers internal memory and ensure proper functionality.

For your convenience, we have also created a video demonstration on how to perform this upgrade:

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