3Gstore IP Switch Firmware 2.40 (3/18/2010) is Now Available!

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

3Gstore IP Switch Firmware 2.40 (3/18/2010) is Now Available!

Since started selling the IP Switch earlier this year, we have received a couple of requests for new features that weren't available in the original firmware. Here at 3Gstore, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing a solution for their needs. We went to work with the IP Switch engineers to develop a new version of firmware that introduces new features to make the IP Switch an even more useful device than before! In addition to new features, a few minor bugs were also fixed. For more information on bug fixes and new features, read the detailed release notes below (instructions for upgrading are also below).

The first thing that you will notice after upgrading the firmware is that there is a new user interface that has a cleaner look, and is more enjoyable to look at than the previous user interface - see the "before" and "after" pictures below. Features-wise, one of the major changes with the new firmware is the ability to use the IP Switch as a device to remotely control power whenever you need, instead of having it done automatically when internet connectivity is lost. 3Gstore heard a lot of requests for this feature, so we had our engineers add the ability to choose which outlets are reset if connectivity is lost (this can be useful if you only want to reset a Cable/DSL modem and not the router when connectivity is lost). This feature can also be used to turn off automatic reset to both outlets, allowing you to control when your devices reset, instead of having them reset automatically. One potential use for this feature would be if you needed to reset a server that has frozen up and were unable to connect via remote desktop to restart it; you'd be able to reset power to the server remotely via the IP Switch's admin.

The new firmware also includes several smaller new features and two bug fixes. Below are the release notes on everything that has changed since the previous version of firmware:

IP Switch 2.40 3/18 Changes:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Issue with MSN Messenger not responding
    • Javascript error that caused pages to only partially load or not load at all
  • New Features
    • Improved user interface
    • Option to manually update time server
    • Ability to sort Event Log by category type: Notifications, Warnings, Status
    • Ability to choose which outlets are reset if connectivity is lost.
ip switch - old firmware
ip switch - new firmware
Top: the IP Switch admin with original firmware installed. Bottom: after the firmware upgrade

How to upgrade your IP Switch to firmware 2.40 (3/18):

In order to perform the firmware upgrade, you will need to have a Windows machine that has the IP Switch Utility software installed on it.

1) Download the latest version of IP Switch Firmware

2) Connect to the same router that the IP Switch is connected to OR connect your IP Switch directly to your computer via ethernet cable

3) Open the IP Switch Utility software

4) Select your IP Switch from the device list

5) Choose "Firmware Upgrade"

6)Click on this icon to browse and select the "2.40.UIS.NBU.0318.bin" firmware file from where you saved it on your computer.

7) Click "Download" and wait for the firmware upgrade process to complete.

Watch this quick video for a demonstration on upgrading your Switch's firmware:


Note: Firmware upgrades will reset the IP Switch to the factory default settings. Before performing the upgrade, you should save your settings; you can then restore them after the upgrade has taken place. Here are instructions on how to save and restore your configuration file:

1) Login to the administration interface at: http://outlet

2) Select "About" from the menu on the left side of the page

3) Under the "Save/Restore Settings" section, click on "Save". It will download a dated .cfg file Ex: 2010_0414_0056.cfg.

Once the firmware upgrade proccess is complete, you will want to return to this same page to restore the configuration

4) Under the "Save/Restore Settings" section, click on "Choose File" and select the .cfg file that you saved, and then select "Restore". This will restore your IP Switch's saved configuration.

If you need any assistance with the new firmware, please contact 3Gstore's technical support at 866-3Gstore ext 3 or email them: support *AT* 

For those ordering the IP Switch from, you may update the firmware yourself after receiving the Switch OR we can do it for you before shipping for $15

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