Official BlackBerry 6 Preview Video

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


RIM has released a promotional video for Blackberry OS 6, giving us our first look at their new operating system. While this promotional video is very entertaining, Blackberry users can see that there are some obvious improvements in the new OS including:

It's obvious from the video that the new OS will be more touchscreen friendly, supporting multitouch and improved user feedback using new gestures. The new OS will also work well with non-touch screen devices that will use the optical trackpad instead.

User Interface & Native Apps: While it still has that familiar Blackberry look that we're used to, it has a new look & feel to the UI and home screen. Noticeable new home screen features include: search, pull down notifications, and pop-up contextual menus. The native BB apps are also getting updated, including the inbox, contacts, and media apps!

WebKit Browser: The native Blackberry browser has needed an overhaul for quite some time. RIM is using the WebKit rendering engine to speed up the web browsing experience in BB OS 6. Using WebKit will provide new features like tabbed browsing and provide a more modern mobile web browsing experience like you may be used to seeing on other smartphones.

At the WES 2010 keynote, Mike Lazaridis said that we'll see the new OS launch in the next calendar quarter, so it won't be too long before we'll be able to get to see for ourselves how it will compete with other smartphones.


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