Beginner's Corner #3: Wireless Repeater Basics

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

beginner's corner
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Wireless Repeater Basics

repeater installation diagram
A repeater allows you to boost the signal to ALL of your cellular devices! (click for larger view)

In our previous Beginner's Corner article, we discussed using a Booster Antenna to boost the signal to your aircard. The Booster Antenna is a great and simple solution for boosting the signal to an aircard that has an antenna port, but what if you want to boost the signal to multiple cellular devices at the same time? Or what if your aircard or phone doesn't have an antenna port to connect an antenna to?

The answer is a wireless repeater. A repeater is a wireless amplifier system that does not require a direct connection to cellular devices such as phones and modems. For cellular devices that do not have an antenna port or situations where signal needs to be boosted to multiple devices, a repeater system is the best way to improve signal strength. A repeater system involves 3 basic components: an amplifier and two antennas. One antenna (preferably mounted outdoors) draws the signal in and connects to the amplifier, which boosts the signal; the second antenna, connected to the other side of the amplifier, then rebroadcasts the boosted signal. Multiple cellular devices can then benefit from the boosted signal at once!

Repeaters are more expensive than antennas, and a bit more complicated to set up, but you do not need to be a technical expert to use one. The video below will demonstrate the basics of a wireless repeater, and you can read more about them at

Check out the below video to learn more about wireless repeaters:

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