EVDOinfo Tip Of The Week #52: Use a Lightning Protector With Your Antenna and Amplifier

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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Use a Lightning Protector With Your Antenna and Amplifier

A common question we hear from customers installing external antennas is "what about lightning protection?".  Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, only to have a lighting storm fry their components. This is why we offer the Lightning Surge Protector, which is designed specifically to protect your the equipment connected to your external antenna. Many customers make a lightning protector a part of their amplifier or repeater setup, but the protector can also be used if you're not using an amplifier and just connect your Wilson external antenna directly to your aircard/phone.

If you're using an external antenna along with an amplifier or repeater, you'll need a few extra components to add the lightning protector the the setup: an adapter to connect the lightning protector to your external antenna (N-Male to FME-Male), an ultra-low loss cable to go between the lightning protector and the amplifier (a 2' length is plenty), and an adapter to connect the cable to the amplifier (N-Female to FME-Female). The picture below illustrates this setup:

lightning protector + soho
The lightning protector with a SoHo amp setup (click for larger view)

If you're using the lightning protector with the SignalBoost DT or SignalBoost DB Pro amplifier kits, which use different connectors, you'll need two of the N-Male to F-Female connectors instead. The setup with the SignalBoost DT would look like this: exterior antenna --> 971128 --> lightning protector --> 971128 --> cable --> amplifier

If you want to add the lightning protector to your Wilson Omni External antenna and you don't use an amplifier, the setup is simple - you just need one adapter to connect the antenna's cable to the protector (part number 971113) and one to allow your adapter cable to connect to the other side of the protector (part number 951110).

Regardless of your setup, you'll need to ground the lighting protector - to do this, you'll loosen the small screw on the suppressor and insert a grounding wire and run it into the ground (instructions are included).

The Lightning Surge Protector is designed to give you piece of mind. Without the protector, lightning has a direct line right to your equipment. If you live in an area that has lightning storms, this could be the best investment you've made to protect your expensive amplifier from lightning damage! 

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