AT&T Kills Unlimited 3G Data for iPad & iPhone

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Wednesday, 02 June 2010


AT&T Kills Unlimited 3G Data for iPad & iPhone


AT&T Kills Unlimited 3G Data for iPad & iPhone

Ever since Apple launched the 3G version of the iPad, many of us have wondered if the iPad's 3G service was truly unlimited. Initially there were reports that AT&T was throttling iPad bandwidth on certain bandwidth intensive apps such as Netflix due to their limited 3G network that just doesn't have the network resources to handle the amount of bandwidth needed for iPhone & iPad users.

Unlimited 3G data on the iPad was indeed too good to be true. AT&T has announced that they will no longer offer unlimited data plans for iPad or iPhone customers. They will now offer two different data plans at $15 & $25 per month. The $15/mo plan will only get you a measly 200MB per month, which is only enough data to check your email and maybe browse a few web pages. The $25/mo plan will only get you 2GB per month.

AT&T also announced that they would introduce a tethering option for the iPhone & iPad on June 7th, but this will cost you an additional $20 and requires the $25 DataPro [2GB] plan. $45 per month for tethering that only allows you to connect to one computer at a time and limits you to 2GB per month??? Why pay these ridiculous prices when there are several different options that will get your iPad online with wireless 3G or 4G.

If 4G coverage is available in your area, you should consider a 3G/4G device as Sprint's 4G service is truly unlimited and we don't see that unlimited policy changing anytime soon. At EVDOinfo we're using Sprint's new EVO 4G which has a MiFi like feature that allows you to use your phones data plan to create a portable WiFi hotspot to connect up to 8 devices via WiFi to access the internet. The mobile hotspot feature will cost an additional $30 month for 5GB of data usage on 3G networks and unlimited data on 4G networks. EVO 4G users can pay an additional $10/mo for unlimited 3G service. 


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