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Tuesday, 08 June 2010

The new iPhone 4 was announced yesterday at WWDC, and many Apple-fanatics are clamoring to get theirs as soon as its available. Torrey, one of EVDOinfo/3Gstore's resident Apple fans, is in the minority - he has determined that the new iPhone does NOT make sense for him, despite his love for other Apple products! Read on to hear why the latest iteration of the iPhone isn't on Torrey's list of must-haves:

Yesterday at WWDC Steve Jobs announced a lot of new features that the iPhone 4 will bring to users, and for several reasons I won't be buying one.

This may come as a shock to many people who know me, as I am an extreme Apple fan who owns an iPod touch, the iPad, MacBook, iMac, and an iPhone 3G. While I did get Apple tunnel vision after seeing the new features that the iPhone will offer, my significant other brought me back to reality after pointing out several good points that really make it hard to justify the monthly costs of getting the iPhone 4. After comparing both the monthly costs and the available features between the iPhone 4 & Sprint HTC EVO 4G, I've decided to opt for Sprint's EVO 4G instead. Here's why:

New AT&T Data Plans - Last week we reported on how AT&T killed Unlimited 3G Data Plans for the iPhone. While existing iPhone users still have their unlimited data plans, new subscribers will be subject to the new contract for the iPhone 4G that requires that you use one of their capped data plans at $15/mo for a measly 200MB or $25/mo for only 2GB. If you plan on tethering (using your phone as a modem to provide internet access to your computer), then you also have to add an additional $20/month feature, and you still only get 2GB of data per month (and if you go over your limit, each additional GB that you use will cost another $10/mo!). Even current AT&T customers who are "grandfathered" in with the unlimited data plan on their phone will be forced to switch to the 2GB "DataPro" plan to use the tethering feature. Which brings me to the next reason why it makes more sense for me to get an EVO 4G...

Tethering & The iPad - The iPhone 4 will allow you to use your phone as a modem for a fee of $20/month. This is something that iPhone users have been desiring for years, but the actual usability is pretty limited. In order to use the iPhone 4 as a modem, you have to connect it via USB directly to your computer - you can't use it with a router to create a WiFi hotspot. If you have a device like the iPad that doesn't have USB capabilities, being able to tether the iPhone doesn't do you any good! As an iPad user, if I want to have data connectivity on my iPad too, I'd have to have the 3G version of the iPad with ANOTHER $25/mo data plan just for the iPad (which only provides 2GB/mo of usage). So in order to be able to have AT&T 3G connectivity on the iPhone, iPad, and a laptop, I'd have to pay $70 per month for the different data plans with a total limit of 4GB data transfer per month!

On the other hand, the EVO offers a 3G/4G hotspot feature for just $29.99/month. With the hotspot feature, you can use the EVO as a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 WiFi-connected devices, and both 3G and 4G usage is UNLIMITED.

Coverage & Network Performance - It's no secret that AT&T's 3G network coverage and performance pales in comparison to Sprint's network. In fact, many Apple fans are already aware of just how bad AT&T's network is, as iPhone users are constantly complaining about dropped calls and spotty 3G coverage (even folks who are in AT&T 3G areas have problems with the performance, since AT&T's towers are so overloaded!) This is why AT&T killed their unlimited 3G data plans in the first place - their network simply could not handle the demand, so they had to place limits on users or their network would come to a screeching halt!

Not only does Sprint offer better 3G coverage than AT&T (check out the maps below), but they also have 4G coverage in about 30 cities (with more launching each quarter) that provides even faster connection speeds of up to 7mbit/sec download! Thats faster than standard DSL/Cable services! Despite the 4 in the "iPhone 4" name, the latest iPhone isn't capable of using 4G networks - it simply indicates that its the fourth-generation iPhone.

       Comparison of AT&T & Sprint 3G Coverage (Doesn't show Sprint's 4G coverage)

   Sprint's current 4G Coverage (AT&T currently doesn't have any 4G coverage... and won't for several years)

Facetime [Video Calling] - The new iPhone has built in support for video calls, and I have to admit that the idea of using Facetime really made me want to buy the iPhone 4. When I really thought about it, though, how often will I be able to actually use this neat feature? Due to the limitations of AT&T's network, you won't be able to use Facetime via AT&T 3G. Instead you'll have to be connected to a WiFi hotspot, and the person that you are calling will also have need to have an iPhone 4 that is connected via WiFi. What are the odds that this will happen very often unless you make plans in advance to do a video call? There are third party applications such as Qik that allow EVO 4G users to place video calls via 3G, 4G, or WiFi! Qik has also said that they plan on developing an application that will allow desktop users to make video calls to mobile users.

Conclusion -
As someone who uses a lot of data each month and I need to have internet connectivity on multiple devices such as my laptop & iPad. It doesn't make sense for me to pay extra each month for all the features that I need only to have small data allowances each month compared to an unlimited 3G/4G service that the EVO 4G offers with more features & flexibility.

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