iPad 3G Security Breach Disaster - Ditch AT&T 3G and Get Your iPad Online With Sprint/Verizon!

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Wednesday, 09 June 2010

iPad 3G Security Breach Disaster - Ditch AT&T 3G and Get Your iPad Online With Sprint/Verizon 3G or 4G!

ipad with htc evo 4g
The HTC EVO from Sprint is just one of many options for internet access for the iPad!

News has been circulating on the web today confirming that a security breach at AT&T has put 114,000 (and potentially many more) iPad users in danger of being targetted by spam or hackers. According to reports, AT&T has exposed a list containing the contact information and AT&T subscriber information for 114,000 iPad users who subscribe to AT&T's 3G data service, and it's not just those 114,000 unlucky users - it's possible that the security issue may extend to any iPad user who subscribes to AT&T's service for their iPad. 

Due to Apple's exclusivity deal with AT&T, the only option for activating the embedded 3G device inside the iPad 3G is AT&T... but that does NOT mean that AT&T is the only option for internet access for your iPad! Thanks to the iPad's WiFi capabilities, there are a wide variety of internet options for the iPad. Mobile hotspots like the 3G MiFi (available from both Sprint and Verizon) or the 3G/4G Overdrive (Sprint) are popular options, and Sprint's new HTC EVO 4G (which is a 3G/4G phone that has an optional mobile hotspot feature) is even more convenient (since the hotspot is built into the phone, you don't even need an additional device - assuming you take your phone everywhere like we do!). In fact, well before the news of the security breach broke, we published an article detailing several options for internet access for the iPad - check it out at

Even without the security issues, there are a number of other downsides to subscribing to AT&T's 3G service for your iPad: AT&T's lack of 3G coverage (click here to compare to Sprint and Verizon), network issues where there is 3G coverage, lack of 4G service, and the fact that you're paying $30/month for internet access JUST for the iPad (as opposed to other options, which provide internet connectivity not only to your iPad but your computers and other devices simultaneously). Why pay $30/month for AT&T's spotty coverage and potential security issues when you can use Sprint or Verizon's superior networks and provide internet access to all of your WiFi devices?

If you are currently subscribed to AT&T's 3G service for your iPad, remember that your service is NOT under a contract - you can cancel whenever you want and opt for an alternate internet option for your iPad.

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